artist Jean Boghossian

The artist Jean Boghossian extends “Building with Fire” exhibition in Beirut till November 4, 2018

“Fire tamed me, chose me, I am its medium, its revealer”


After participating at the 57th Venice Biennale as a representative of the Armenian National Pavilion, the artist Jean Boghossian exhibits in Lebanon his art

“Building With Fire” an exhibition by Jean Boghossian in Beirut till October 28

“Fire carries a risk that makes my work more intense and exciting”

Three years after his last exhibition in Beirut, the artist Jean Boghossian returns to this city to show the Lebanese art lovers his engaging creations, but this time at the old l’Orient-Le Jour building, where the civil war’s fire traces will join the artist’s fire drawings, creating a one-of-a-kind exhibition with the title “Building With Fire”, on display from September 18 till October 28, 2018.