Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014

Emirates Team wins first place in the ‘International Competition’ of Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014

[UAE, 4 November, 2014] – The Dubai World Hospitality Championship’s International Competition was concluded on Saturday (November 1, 2014) on a high note with the United Arab Emirates national team winning over other participating international teams, which included some of the world’s best chefs and culinary experts. The UAE team won first place in the International Competition, which showcased intense rivalries amidst an exciting atmosphere.

Emirates Team triumphs Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014

  • Renowned international hospitality & culinary professionals participate in this year’s championship
  • Winners of various competitions revealed
  • Preparations for DWHC 2015 now underway

[UAE, 4 November, 2014] - The second cycle of the Dubai World Hospitality Championship (DWHC) closed on a high note on (Saturday, November 1, 2014) after attracting strong participation from renowned hospit