Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014 Organising Top Chefs Workshop

Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014 Organising Top Chefs Workshop

Culinary artists from leading hotels aim to take top spots in the Hospitality Sector Competition

[UAE, September 20, 2014] – Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014 (DWHC), the latest prominent event positioning Dubai as a leading international destination for hospitality and industry, has started organizing a series of UAE-wide workshops to promote its Hospitality Sector Competition, one of the main features of this year’s cycle. These workshops will increase more awareness on the competition and the Hospitality Sector category in particular as well as encourage the participation of professional chefs while providing full details on the guidelines, controls and standards. The workshop also looks towards answering all queries related to the event and register chefs wishing to take part in the competition. The workshop sessions have drawn in an overwhelming response and have seen a wide participation of chefs coming from both local and international hotels and restaurants.


The road show that was concluded recently in DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island Ras Al Khaimah, was attended by several high-level officials, including members of the DWHC committee, Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, and representatives from the Emirates Culinary Guild. The workshop featured a series of activities and presentations about DWHC’s events and main competitions, including the Hospitality Sector Competition targeting renowned chefs, restaurants, hotels, and hospitality facilities.


The agenda also included a detailed presentation on the 21 categories of the Hospitality Sector Competition which range from cake decoration to the preparation of Arabic dishes. The workshop team explained the arbitration criteria, rules and regulations and replied to audience inquiries on subjects like cooking duration, materials to be used per category, presentation, quantity of food to be cooked, supplies and equipment that can be brought in by competitors, and what food can be pre-prepared.


Creativity and Innovation

Majid Al Marri, Operations Director of Hospitality Sector and International Competition, stated: “Increasing the categories in the Hospitality Sector Competition from last year’s 14 to 21 has doubled the challenge for the participating chefs. The contestants will have to qualify based on various judging criteria and regulations such as taste, method of preparation, course of time elapsed, quantity of food, presentation, cleanliness, color, smell and consistency.


“Increasing the categories of the competition was a deliberate and meticulously studied step. We want the second cycle of the championship to reflect the status of Dubai as a leading hospitality destination as well as presenting the talents and abilities of participating chefs to the audience,” Al Marri added.

“The 21 categories include cake decoration, preparation of three-layer wedding cakes, display pastries and desserts, display bakery, chocolate sculpting,  fruits and vegetables sculpting, open presentation, four dishes of Arabic sweets, a dinner menu of five dishes, a menu of four vegetarian dishes, finger food appetizers and snacks, petit-fours with chocolate, Arabic wedding banquet, Emirati cuisine, fish and seafood, meat and cooking, an Arabic main course dish, individual ice sculpting, and collective ice sculpting,” said Al Marri.

In addition, Jenan Bader AlFassam, Hospitality Sector & International Competition Coordinator said: “The Hospitality Sector Competition opens numerous opportunities for qualified chefs and specialist staff enabling them to achieve individual records and significant milestones. We are highly optimistic about a strong participation in this cycle compared to last year's with an approximate of a 1,000 participating chefs. Chefs working in leading local, regional and international hospitality facilities can be part of DWHC's platform to elevate their abilities and creativity in various categories of the competition."

Josephine Cuthbert from the Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG) showcased an introductory presentation on critical points regarding the health and food safety standards that are necessary for the chefs to oblige by in the competitions in order to get the highest ratings.

Farah Al Yasi, Head of Destination Development and Events at the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority, said: “We are delighted with the overwhelming response that the workshop has received from leading tourism facilities, restaurants and hotels in Ras al-Khaimah, which reflects their high confidence in the rapidly growing industry in the emirate. The workshop falls in line with our commitment to raise the bar on RAK’s hospitality sector by encouraging local chefs, especially nationals, to participate in this year’s Dubai World Hospitality Championship to display their culinary innovative solutions. Their participation will serve as the starting point to a promising career. We would like to commend the unparalleled efforts of all supporters, sponsors and organizers of the championship which aims to promote the local hospitality culture worldwide.”

Wide Participation with Competitive Atmosphere

Majed Al Sabagh, Head Chef - Banquet & Hospitality at the Sharjah Ladies Club, said: “The overwhelming response from chefs from all over the world to participate in the hospitality sector workshop is expected. The availability of the vast global platform will enable them to display their creative culinary abilities in front of the audience and a prominent jury. This makes Dubai World Hospitality Championship the perfect destination for professional chefs and experts.”

On his part, Levent Karahan, Executive Chef at the Marjan Island Resort, said: “This is my first participation at the championship and I am eager to excel in the five course category. This is what I always dreamed of doing; to succeed on a large scale in the hospitality sector.”

Promising Opportunities

“The Hospitality Sector Competition is an important event as it opens new horizons for the chefs and professionals in the hospitality sector as a whole. Participants can advance in their career through distinct achievements in the culinary and hospitality fields. The inaugural 2013 cycle attracted strong participation and gathered prominent chefs from around the world, which is why we are optimistic that the 2014 show will attract around 1,000 chefs, with strong presence of local and international chefs who are looking forward to highlight their talents and creativity in various categories at the Dubai World Hospitality Championship,” concluded Al Marri.

Al Marri extended his thanks to Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority and DoubleTree by Hilton Resort & Spa Marjan Island for hosting the workshops. He also applauded the role of public and private sector entities in supporting national events that aim at positioning the UAE as a global hub for innovation and excellence. Al Marri invited the workshop attendees to participate in the second cycle of the DWHC which will feature a wide array of competitions, interactive workshops, and activities promoting the heritage and culture of the UAE and GCC. Al Marri added that the registration for the Hospitality Sector Competition ends on October 15, 2014.

Non-stop Growth

Dubai World Hospitality Championship has seen a change in its number of categories, with newer additions included to make the competition more exciting. The 21 categories featured at this year’s championship includes cake decoration; creation of three-tiered wedding cake; pastries and desserts display; baked goods display; chocolate sculptures; fruits and vegetables sculpture; open display; preparation of four dishes of Arabic sweets; preparation of a five dinner dishes; preparation of a menu of four vegetarian dishes; appetizers and snacks; creation of petit-fours with chocolate; preparation of a banquet for Arabic wedding; single sculpture singles on ice; teamwork sculpture on ice; cooking of traditional Arabic appetizers; Emirati kitchen; fish and seafood; meat cooking; and preparation of Arabic main dishes.

A set of standards and guidelines have been adopted in line with the best practices within the global hospitality sector. The implementation of these rules are aimed at consolidating the country's position as an international centre in service, standards & quality and to highlight UAE hospitality on the world map; providing best experiences and rehabilitating national human resources for creativity in this industry. Winners of the Hospitality Sector Competition will be chosen by a selected jury that includes members of "The Emirates Culinary Guild," and "World Association of Chefs Societies", while cash prizes have been allocated to the winners of the first places in each category. The arbitration process to be followed for competitions in DWCH 2014 is based on several criteria, most notably taste, method of preparation, time, the amount of food, method of presentation and cleanliness, color, smell and creativity. Smart electronic devices equipped with a specially designed application for smart arbitration will be used.

Remarkable Achievements

This cycle of Dubai World Hospitality Championship will continue the momentum of the initial cycle in 2013, which has seen tremendous success crowned by the presence of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai; H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai; a number of senior government figures and ministers, during the events and activities of the Championship. DWHC has seen three record achievements for Dubai entered into the Guinness Book of World Records, which includes the setting up of the largest "Achar" in the world (weighing 1579 kg); the largest amount of Porridge Chicken "Asida" in the world (weighing 2854.45 kg) and the largest Chocolate Truffle in the world in the logo of Expo 2020 (measuring at 404 meters).

Festival of Culture and Heritage

DWHC 2014 has a wide range of activities and events for our participants and visitors. Activities include the Hospitality Exhibition; UAE Celebrities Competition; Celebrity Chefs Program; UAE Innovative Team, Heritage Village; the Majlis and UAE Hospitality; Traditional Crafts; Folklore Arts; Kids Corner. The tournament will highlight participants’ technical skills in decorating their food creations and preparing their home-made local products. The cooking shows featuring professional chefs will teach guests with new skills to equip them with different ways of preparing Arabic and International cuisines. The audience is also expected to enjoy a series of traditional and heritage presentations that are relevant to the exhibition.

The activities of the second cycle of Dubai World Championship Hospitality is being held under the directives of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Chairman of the Executive Board, in cooperation with "World Association of Chefs Societies," "The Emirates Culinary Guild". The tournament aims to encourage visitors and residents to take an interest in Emirati hospitality in line with the ambitious objectives of positioning the UAE as one of the leading international centres of high-level hospitality services.

About Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014:

Under the directives of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, Zaabeel Palace Hospitality organises the Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014, an initiative that seeks to spotlight Dubai amongst the finest multicultural culinary destinations of the world.

In its second edition, the Dubai World Hospitality Championship 2014 will take place from 30 October to 1 November at the Dubai World Trade Centre. The event comprise of four main competitions: The International Competition, The Emirati Competition and The Hospitality Sector Competition. The GCC products competition. The championship will witness12 globally renowned culinary masters, Emirati professional and amateur chefs and more than 700 chefs vying for top honours through showcasing their creativity, mastery and professionalism in crafting international and Emirati cuisine. More importantly, DWHC is the first and only event of its kind that highlights the rich and intricate traditions of Emirati cuisine and hospitality to the world.

Supported by the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), the Emirates Culinary Guild (ECG) and Dubai World Trade Centre, the debut edition of the championship will host a culinary museum and a model heritage village displaying traditional handmade products and offering popular Emirati food for sampling. The event will offer free access to the public.