Conservation and Environmental Grants

Ford Conservation and Environmental Grants Awards $100,000 to 10 Organisations Across Middle East and North Africa in 2017

  • Jordan provided all top three entries in the Environmental Education category, with the top project being the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature (RSCN) and its “Nature Ranger” programme for students

Leading the Way in Conservation Engineering, Beirut’s Nature Conservation Centre Earns Top Spot and $15,000 in Ford Grants Scheme; Forestry Focused Lebanese Conservation Volunteers Project Scores $12,000 Reward

  • Egyptian team working with the Bedouin fishing communities to conserve coral reefs benefits from a $6,000 Special Categories grant
  • Green biotechnology for adaption to climate change in Tunisia is honoured with the Best in Research accolade, also worthy of $6,000 grant, aiming to improve the plant salt tolerance using microorganisms
  • Since it first began in the Middle East and recently expanded to cover North Africa, Ford Motor Company’s Conservation and Environmental Grants ha

Ford Motor Company Conservation and Environmental Grants Programme Awards a Total of US$100,000 to 18 Local Organisations in the Middle East and North Africa

  • In 2015, Ford Grants expanded its reach to cover environmental projects in Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco
  • Two projects from Lebanon received a total of US$12,500 Ford Grants focused on environmental education and conservation engineering
  • Programme has awarded recipients from the region more than US$1.5 Million over the past 15 years