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Clean energy offers massive potential for GCC to maintain global energy leadership and reap substantial fossil fuel savings: report

  • Renewable energy (RE) plans for region’s electricity sectors could result in overall savings of USD 55 to 87 billion 
  • Fossil fuel savings in power and water sectors could peak at around 400 million barrels of oil equivalent by 2030 
  • Savings for Saudi Arabia, the region’s largest consumer of fossil fuels for power production, at 170 million

GCC F&B industry experiencing unprecedented growth buoyed by rising population & tourists arrivals, says report

  • Food consumption alone expected to reach 51.9 million metric tons by 2019
  • CAGR of 3.5 per cent in food consumption between 2014 and 2019 projected
  • Tourist arrivals forecasted to witness annual average growth of 7.8 per cent between 2014 and 2024 to further drive food demand
  • 70 per cent of food products imported, wit

‘Brexit’ move tips scale in GCC’s favor: report

  • Orient Planet Research report sheds light on new economic reality for GCC countries after Brexit 
  • Financial markets and currencies to face short-term challenges; weak pound may hit tourism flow into the region 
  • Saudi takes investment precautions, but businesses confident of strong economic ties with Britain 

Report: Disruptive technologies to evolve GCC real estate sector

  • Orient Planet Research examines industry impact of drones, artificial intelligence, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, virtual reality & blockchain 
  • Rise of ‘smart’ cities spurring advanced technological developments

The GCC real estate market has witnessed remarkable growth over the past years, with the sector remaining resilient despite the effects of oil price fluctuations.

Social media emerging as major business enabler for Arab SMEs, says Orient Planet Research report

  • 92 per cent of polled GCC SMEs already on social media
  •  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn driving unprecedented customer engagement for Arab SMEs
  • Internet users in the Arab World is poised to climb to 226 million by 2018
  • SMEs contributes around 33 percent to GDP and comprises nearly 25 percent of the total labor force in Saudi Ar

Increased internet penetration in the Arab World leads to exponential growth in GCC online ad spending, says Orient Planet Research Report

  • Global ad spending at USD 531 billion in 2015, with online ad 27 per cent of the total amount
  •  Number of internet users in Arab world to increase to about 197 million by 2017
  • Internet advertising expenditure to grow globally at the fastest rate of any medium
  • GCC internet ads to grow 20 per cent in 2017

Arab Knowledge Economy Report 2015 – 2016 forecasts Arab World internet users to reach around 226 million by 2018

  • GCC’s GDP constitutes about 60 per cent of total Arab GDP
  • Saudi Arabia ranked first in Arab World in GDP with USD 753 billion, backed by oil-based economy accounting for around 20 per cent of global reserves
  • UAE ranked first on 2015 Arab E-performance Index with average of 67.35
  • Five Arab universities appeared on Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU)
  • Seven Saudi Arabia supercomputers are in the TOP500 list of the