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Global Look Ahead: VAT Trends and Its Implication in the UAE

Value Added Tax (VAT) is deemed an effective tool to improve economic performance, direct resources and control pace of growth in line with development requirements. The global experience demonstrates that the use of VAT has contributed to the upliftment of several economies and in curbing higher consumption as well as the resulting negative effects. Since its inception VAT has been viewed as an opportunity to make improvements in the jurisdiction and its economy.

Tally Solutions achieves Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Accreditation

The company has also been awarded an accreditation by The General Authority of Zakat & Tax (GAZT) in Saudi Arabia

Tally Solutions, a leading international accounting and compliance software provider, has received the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) Accreditation in the UAE, recognising its commitment to safer, more efficient and faster Value-Added Tax (VAT) operations.

VAT Gains: GCC residents benefit from the cheapest tax rates

Opinion Piece by Vikas Panchal, Business Head at Tally Solutions in the Middle East, a leading international accounting and compliance software provider which has introduced Tally.ERP 9 Release 6, a Value Added Tax (VAT) software beginning of 2018.

Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 helps businesses comply with VAT protocol and procedures. Trusted by more than 1.2 million businesses globally, Tally Solutions already includes a list of 40,000 satisfied clients across GCC.