Globe Express Services (GES)

Globe Express Services seeks to empower underprivileged children with its ‘One Shipment One Dollar’ initiative

Globe Express Services (GES) has revealed that its commitment to ’Make a Difference’ and give back to the community has widely been reflected in its newly launched ‘One Shipment One Dollar’ social campaign, an initiative that seeks to help underprivileged children in pursuing their right to an education. The global Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program will bring hope and joy to young generations worldwide.

Logistics firms benefit from emerging technology with digital transformation

  • Logistics companies are now providing their clients with online & digital solutions to address their needs & maintain competitiveness 
  • A recent study reveals that 75% of the industry professionals highlighted the importance of digital transformation in the Supply Chain industry

With the global expansion of online technologies, the concept of Digital Transformation within the Supply Chai