press conference

Free Access to Fitness Zone & Bonuses to A.N.Boukather Staff who hit their fitness Targets!

Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

 A.N.Boukather and Fitness Zone held a press conference at Fitness Zone Dbayeh branch, to launch its first of its kind collaboration in Lebanon: Enjoy Being Fit!

With the exceptional vibes and enthusiasm of both parties, energizing ambiance, music and F&B, media attendees witnessed how businesses and health clubs join forces for a healthy body, healthy mind.

International Festivals of Zahle Proudly presents

The king of romance Kadim Al Sahir


The unique Duo of ABU & Guy Manoukian

 Under the patronage of the Minister of Tourism His Excellency Mr. Avedis Guidanian and the presence of the Mayor of Zahle Mr. Assaad Zoughaib, the International Festivals of Zahle announced its line-up for this year’s edition, during a press conference held on May 25, at Cristal Grand Kadri Hotel, Zahle.

Ministry of Health and Prevention sheds light on National Program for Organ Transplantation

Dr. Amin Al Amiri: ‘The UAE leaders, in a bid to keep up with latest regulatory health developments, have authorized the Council of Ministers to establish a National Center for Organ Transplantation’

 Dr. Amer Sharif: ‘We are proud to support the National Program for Organ Transplantation and to partner with the private sector’

As part of a project funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) in Lebanon "IDRAAC" proposes a draft law to protect older persons from discrimination and neglect

The Institute for Development Research Advocacy and Applied Care (IDRAAC) announced on Monday that it prepared a draft law to protect the elderly in Lebanon from discrimination and neglect. The proposed draft law allows the elderly or a person with symptoms that are caused by aging to have protection and precautionary measures before their health deteriorates and affects their mental capacity.