Initiative aims to create an environment that enables excellence and instills positivity among employees

Initiative aims to create an environment that enables excellence and instills positivity among employees

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority launches guidelines on happiness and positivity

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has begun implementing a new initiative that aims to promote happiness among TRA employees and create a positive atmosphere in the workplace through cooperation, trust and love, which is expected to help strengthen the positive relations among employees, develop concern for each other’s issues and motivate them to excel in their work, thereby propelling their chances of getting promotions. To achieve these goals, the TRA is launching an official guideline for happiness and positivity.

The guideline is considered as one of TRA’s efforts for’ and customers’ happiness and help clarify negative office issues as well as how to avoid them through examples from real life experiences that were studied in most psychological and physical researches. The guideline also offers real solutions to improve the workplace and make it more conducive for work to help boost the morale and enthusiasm of employees, especially the junior level staffs who could be facing challenges at work. It also aims to motivate them and support their creative spirit by giving them the opportunity to express their opinions and aspirations, as well as their problems and ideas through regular discussions which will be held between the top management and the employees.

The TRA will work through the guide in regularly monitoring employees’ happiness and satisfaction by conducting surveys and other innovative ways to measure the employees’ positive spirit. To meet their expectations and develop their abilities required in performing the tasks, the TRA will also organize workshops and training sessions to boost self-confidence and help them realize the positive role in their work. It will also hold other activities that are aimed towards helping improve relationships between employees and the management.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General, TRA said: “The TRA hopes to implement the concepts and practices on customers and employees happiness and meet the country’s vision as indicated in the National Happiness Index. The TRA is committed to implement the directives of H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai to make the happiness and positivity as a lifestyle, a government commitment and become the real spirit that unifies the UAE society.”

“The happiness and positivity guide is a step towards drawing the smile on employees’ faces; spread the happiness inside their hearts, and define the ways that could help remove obstacles which prevent them from achieving success and happiness,” H.E. Al Mansoori added. “The happiness and positive spirit is so important in the work atmosphere because it can increase the productivity and raise the level of achievements of employees, so all TRA staff should interact following the new guideline,” he noted.

Ahlam Al Feel, Director of Corporate Communications Department and the Happiness and Positivity CEO, said: “The TRA has adopted the concept of happiness and positivity in all sections and departments and has established that happiness is the main goal for all services and initiatives. We have already launched various initiatives such as the ‘The Happy Family’ which is an innovative programme that promotes customers and employees happiness.”

“The TRA continues to implement its happiness model through new initiatives, such as this happiness guide, which is the result of an integrated study for a happy work environment and how we can transform the workplace into an encouraging environment that is full of love, loyalty, and positivity among employees. The TRA is set to launch more initiatives including promoting audience happiness,” she added.

“The next step requires constant efforts to build and develop the culture of happiness and spread the energy of positivity in the work place. Our responsibility is to help employees manage their psychological and emotional stage, considering that they play a role in ensuring customers’ satisfaction and happiness,” Al Feel explained.

TRA has also launched the ‘The Happy Family’ initiative, which aims to draw the smile on employees’ faces in conjunction with the launch of the happiness and positivity guide. It includes various activities which promote liveliness and kindness within the work environment such as forming an employees’ council which establishes regular communication with employees and listen to their concerns, organizing of annual talent events, regular employees meeting with the management to help them transform their ideas and aspirations about their work.

Other initiatives include ‘We are Happy for you’, which aims to share employees’ happiness during their special occasions and send them greetings and well wishes. There is also the ‘House of’ program, which support employees in times of pain or suffering. Meanwhile, the ‘Be Distinguished to Make You Happy’ initiative honors employees by displaying their photographs and names after they have received an excellence award, including a ‘Thank You’ greeting at the TRA’s main screen. Among other rewards, the TRA will also be arranging free trips and lunch invitations for the staff as part of the ‘The Happy Family’ initiative.

It is noteworthy that the TRA launched at the beginning of 2015 the ‘Hayak Initiative’, an initiative which aims to communicate with staff through the leadership of TRA at all levels through meetings with staff and exchanging ideas and proposals about the work environment and career prospects. TRA also launched the employees’ happiness initiative, which is a smart application that offers discounts for employees at various shopping outlets, including items for their personal needs. It also spearheaded the ‘Breakfast’ initiative which invites staff for breakfast every Thursday morning.