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Falconcity of Wonders ends Dubai Property Show China 2017 rounds on high note

Dubai’s mega project developer receives recognition from Dubai Land Department for its outstanding role in the event

Falconcity of Wonders LLC, the developer of the Falconcity of Wonders (FCW) multipurpose mega project arising in Dubai, has recently concluded its highly successful participation in the Dubai Property Show China in Shanghai. Falconcity of Wonders entertained a high volume of inquiries on its iconic ‘The World in A City’-themed commercial, residential and entertainment complex.

Report: Disruptive technologies to evolve GCC real estate sector

  • Orient Planet Research examines industry impact of drones, artificial intelligence, 3D Printing, Internet of Things, virtual reality & blockchain 
  • Rise of ‘smart’ cities spurring advanced technological developments

The GCC real estate market has witnessed remarkable growth over the past years, with the sector remaining resilient despite the effects of oil price fluctuations.

Allée des Arts: where art is part of everyday life

Once again Har Properties is revolutionizing the real estate market with its latest development Allée des Arts, situated in the heart of Gemmayze.

Allée des Arts is a brand new concept that gives a unique space for living and business set amid a green and artistic environment; at the heart of the project a central alleyway is dedicated to art and to giving artists a space to exhibit and sell their creations, providing the inspiration for the project’s name: Allée des Arts.