“The wound will teach”! Solidarity initiative on August 4, 2021: Free Scholarships to the children of victims & disabled of Beirut Explosion


One year after the painful day of August 4 explosion that shook the Port of Beirut and its tragic repercussions on lives and the city, SOLIDARITY launched its new initiative, which will enable all the children of the victims and people severely injured with disability from the August 4 explosion to benefit from scholarships in schools and / or universities and to one family member if the victim does not have children.

Mr. Charles G. Hage President of “Solidarity”, announced the initiative on the eve of the first anniversary, hoping that it would be a new contribution that would help “our people and our brothers and sisters” complete their educational path, especially that Beirut was famous for its academic level over the years, and will remain so.

Solidarity has rehabilitated the homes of hundreds of affected families to secure their return to their homes before last winter. The association was also able, with the will of the good people and its board members, to repair more than 900 homes in cooperation with MAN and "Dar Al-Handasa ".

Solidarity also worked on its "Fighting Hunger and Poverty" in Lebanon program with a main objective to support families living below the poverty line providing them with food boxes all year round.

Nearly 15,000 families in more than 750 towns and villages across the country benefited from this program. Solidarity was able to distribute 75,000 food boxes by the middle of this year.

SOLIDARITY also stood by the Lebanese in their battle against COVID_19 by providing artificial respirators; Solidarity has distributed 50 ventilators to more than 12 hospitals in Lebanon, including the military hospital, in addition to 34 oxygen-generating devices, after a severe shortage emerged in the treatment of complications from the Corona virus.

SOLIDRARITY continues to stand by the Lebanese people to overcome the tough times with the support of its partners: The Lebanese Maronite Order, The Maronite Foundation in the World and the Gilbert and Rose-Marie Chagoury Foundation and all the good people donating during these difficult circumstances.

For the Families of Victims to reach Solidarity - call: 05453444.