Under the patronage of H.E. Minister of Public Health Mr. Wael Abou Faour

Under the patronage of H.E. Minister of Public Health Mr. Wael Abou Faour

Boecker® and the Syndicate of Nurseries Owners in Lebanon organized

“The Path for a Better Childcare” seminar


Under the auspices of the Minister of Public Health Mr. Wael Abou Faour, represented by Mrs. Pamela Mansour, Head of Maternal and Child Health Department, Boecker®, the Middle East’s largest Public Health company, organized in collaboration with the Syndicate of Nurseries Owners in Lebanon a seminar entitled " The Path for a better Childcare " in Phoenicia Hotel in Beirut. The seminar was attended by more than 150 people specialized in this field as well as guests of honor.

The seminar addressed the most important topics concerning children’s health and safety inside the nursery as well as the ways of developing this type of business through effective communication strategies.

The speakers emphasized on the biggest challenge faced by the nursery, which is offering a healthy environment for the children. To overcome this challenge, the nursery should be a place free from any risk that might endanger the health and safety of children and even workers. This serious issue was raised by Mrs. Pamela Mansour in addition to the role of the ministry that imposes the right and healthy practices in all the nurseries. As for the importance of the syndicate’s role, Mrs. Mansour assured that: "The syndicate should cooperate with the Ministry of Health due to the big challenges faced in this field. Cooperation between all parties is necessary to overcome these challenges." Moreover, Mrs.  Hana JouJou, Head of the Syndicate of Nurseries Owners in Lebanon, highlighted the syndicate's permanent mission to provide the best services and solutions for all nurseries as well as the importance of cooperation of all nurseries owners with the ministry, the syndicate and the parents to ensure a successful and long-lasting business. Mr. Michel Bayoud, CEO of Boecker®, and Mrs. Angela Abdel Nour, Head of Biosecurity Department in the company, discussed the importance of its international certification programme, the Safe ChildCare™, that ensures a fully proofed child care facility against any non-compliance with children welfare, safety of premises and personnel. The application of this programme inside the nursery means having an international certification, a protective shield, a guarantee of conformity with local and international standards, an improvement in employees’ performance, a reduced rate of absenteeism, and a decreased number of risks and accidents. This reflects Boecker® keenness on ensuring the safety of children by providing a specialized programme for nurseries, the Safe ChildCare Certificate ™ endorsed by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health CIEH-UK. It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Public Health takes strict action in this regard, to raise awareness and ensure a healthy and safe care for children in nurseries.

The conference also tackled the importance of communication for the growth of these institutions and their continuation. In her speech on crisis management in the nursery, and as part of the art of communication in the child care environment, Mrs. Paula Yacoubian said: "The media is considered as the main influencer on the public opinion when disseminating any news, therefore it is necessary to maintain credibility and full transparency with media in case of any crisis, to avoid any negative impact on the reputation of the nursery”. In addition, the Legal Adviser, Dr. Pierre Khoury stressed on the importance of the trademark registration and the protection of intellectual property to also ensure the continuity of the organization legally and properly. Last but not least, Mr. Taleb Kabbara, Social Media Consultant and Trainer, also discussed the prominence of social media for nurseries, stating: "We must use social media to reassure parents and inform them of the nursery’s features instead of publishing photos of children without any information or news. This would reflect a professional image of the nursery and an indirect marketing strategy. "


Ms. Pamela Mansour


Mrs. Hana Joujou


Mrs. Paula Yacoubian


Mr. Michel Bayoud

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