Step into the world of stardom with The Talent!

Step into the world of stardom with The Talent!

Step into the world of stardom with The Talent! With just one click right from your home, join this first of its kind show on the internet in the Arab world, which gives rising Arab singers the opportunity to display their singing talents and get their foot in the door! In The Talent, the digital audience vote is a clincher!

Any Arab individual from any place in the world is allowed to subscribe for the competition, which mainly relies on boldness and beautiful voices. After choosing the suitable song from the collection selected by the show makers, candidates must upload their videos that should comply with the show’s conditions, on The Talent’s app or website. Once the jury approves the video, candidates are qualified for the next stage, where the support of friends and followers is a must!

The real challenge begins when the time-limited voting process kicks off. The second stage starts next; qualified candidates continue to compete and a winner is declared at the end of the contest.

How does the show work

The Talent is an unprecedented concept which enables you to reach stardom in successive selection phases spanning from July till October 2019 during which you will show the public your unique singing abilities.

What are the show’s different phases?

Phase 1: Choose a song from our music library, film yourself singing it and upload it on our website or application.

Your performance should be compliant with the rules and regulations of the show. Once our expert Jury panel approves your video, you will be automatically qualified for the next round.

Phase 2: This is where the real challenge begins as from this phase onwards a time-limited voting process will kick off and qualify the contestants for each upcoming stage. Qualified candidates will continue to compete until a winner is declared at the end of the contest.

All the contestants’ videos will be posted online on the show’s social media platforms for the public to see, share and like. It is the public who will determine if you will make it to the next round as each share and like will count as votes in your favor. Incite your fans and family to vote for you, your success depends on them!

Phase 3: The competition is getting more intense! The 20 contestants who gathered the most votes will make it to this phase. Each contestant in this stage will have to execute a singing mission assigned to him by our Jury and upload it on the Talent’s website or application.

At this stage voting will be open to the public, who will choose their preferred 10 contestants, via website, app, and SMS ONLY. Our website and app enable you to send as many votes as you like to the contestants of your choice in one go, the more votes you give your favorite contestants, the more chances they will get to be qualified for the next phases,

Phase 4: The 10 contestants chosen by the public will execute another singing challenge and wait for the public’s vote to find out who are the 5 contestants who will make it to the next phase.

Phase 5: The 5 contestants will execute a third singing mission that will determine the 3 final contestants who will be competing for the Talent’s prize.

Phase 6: The 3 finalists will have to show the world who’s got THE TALENT and flex their vocal muscles as one of them will be chosen by the online public to sign a music production agreement with Rotana and become a star!

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