Product Placement – Vatika Gel Cream

Product Placement – Vatika Gel Cream


Hair gel is one of the most important grooming essentials for modern men to mould, hold and style their hair. However, the majority of products available in the markets are chemical-based and can thus be harmful for hair on repeated usage, leading to several problems such as dandruff, flakiness, dryness, undernourishment, and hair loss. Vatika Styling Gel Cream from the House of Vatika is a unique 2-in-1 formula that provides nourishment of a cream and styling of a gel. Its unique and innovative composition fortified with trusted natural ingredients gives hair maximum hold without causing flakiness and stickiness or leaving any residue.

Available in three variants of ‘Wave’ for wet looks, ‘Slick’ for strong hold, and ‘Spike’ for extreme hold, Vatika Gel Cream’s is enriched with fixed actives and is alcohol-free. Wave with Splash Effect is a blend of aloe vera, honey and jarjeer that gives a perfect ‘out of shower’ look to hair. Slick with Smooth Shape, on the other hand, is formulated with lemon, henna and olive to provide long-lasting hold and glossy shine. Lastly, Spike with Sculpted Shape is enhanced with cactus, olive and nettle to deliver a gravity-defying hold and intense shine.

The three variants of Vatika Styling Gel Cream are widely available across all supermarkets and stores in the UAE in attractively designed 250 ml tubs.