LibanPost Celebrate International Museum Day

LibanPost Celebrate International Museum Day

With first-issue commemorative stamps for the National Museum, Mim Museum and Sursock Museum


Under the patronage and in the presence of the Minister of Telecommunications H.E. Jamal Al Jarrah, LibanPost celebrated “International Museum Day”, to honor three renowned Lebanese museums with commemorative stamps: The National Museum, Mim Museum and Sursock Museum.

An event hosted by Mr. Rony Alfa was held at Sursock Museum in the presence of a the Minister of Culture H.E. Ghattas Khoury, Dr. Tarek Mitri, Lebanese former Government Minister, Lebanese officials, museum councils, media representatives and stamp collectors.


Mr. Khalil Daoud, CEO and General Manager of LibanPost, commented on the occasion: “Lebanon has a rich history part of which has shaped our culture. With institutions such as these great museums, our culture remains persevered and is showcased to the world. By launching these commemorative first issue stamps today, we are recognizing and honoring these museums and in turn our heritage.”

H.E. Jamal Al Jarrah, Minister of Telecommunications, commented on the event saying: “we are proud to be here today to say to the Lebanese people and to the world that our country’s culture and civilization is preserved. This event sheds light on the people behind these museums that reflect the bright history of this country”.


There was also a speech for the Minister of Culture, Mr. Ghattas Khoury, in which he stressed on the importance of this honor, saying: "We are gathered today to shed light on Lebanon's rich history and culture, which is commemorated in these three stamps and these famous museums. How special it is to send a letter abroad with a stamp that reflects the culture and civilization of this nation. "

During the event at Surscok Museum, videos from the National Museum and Mim Museum were showcased, highlighting the respective collections and works of art in each.