Learning to appreciate and live a Quality Home Life, with HUAWEI nova 7i


Have you been recently advised to stay at home? If you're already feeling bored, and even tired of your favorite TV shows and Hollywood movies, it's time to make some lifestyle changes and explore the fun of staying at home. Spending enough quality time with your families, and capturing the precious moments with them, would be a delightful possibility.

A smartphone camera could come in quite handy in such moments, for you can whip it out and press the shutter as soon as inspiration strikes.
But that means your phone would need to be really good to handle any of the instantaneous creation works you throw at it. The HUAWEI nova 7i, in this regard, is a solid performer, with its main feature being exactly the 48MP Quad AI cameras and a powerful selfie camera. That includes a quad-camera setup at the back that's built with a 48MP HD main camera, 120° ultra wide angle camera, macro camera and depth camera.

The 48MP rear camera works in tandem with the powerful AI support from the proprietary Kirin 810 chipset, to enable multi-image shooting at each shutter press and multi-frame synthesis in subsequent processing. The result? Basically all details from each area in the image are fully maintained and vividly reproduced, even down to the individual hair on a stuffed animal.

The ultra-wide angle camera can capture a 120° field of view, fitting more scene into the frame with the same camera-to-subject distance. So even if your dining room is a bit cramped, and you normally wouldn't be able to place the camera far enough to capture everyone as well as a full table of tasty dishes, you can now with the HUAWEI nova 7i!

The macro camera is ideal for close-up shots, for instance, of your baby's facial details, or of a creative miniature world.

The depth sensor has its part especially in portrait and macro photography. It can precisely separate the background from the subject and create a blurred background effect.
The front camera is simply a selfie master that captures the best of you anytime, anywhere, in any lighting. All that you need to do is to lift the phone, aim the camera at yourself, and smile (or not smile, of course, if you choose).

The HUAWEI nova 7i comes equipped with a 4,200 mAh big-capacity battery to easily support all-day photo-taking sessions. Although battery life won't be much of a concern when you're mostly grounded at home, always having to stay near a power outlet is undoubtedly very restrictive. If you occasionally forget to charge the phone overnight, Huawei's self-developed 40W SuperCharge technology can fill up a dying nova 7i to 70% battery level within 30 minutes, so it's ready to go for another long day right after breakfast.

If you look at the compulsory stay-at-home order from another angle, it can be a great time for you and your loved ones.