Joining passion and nature: Ferrari explores the Beqaa Valley

Joining passion and nature:  Ferrari explores the Beqaa Valley
Scuderia Lebanon s.a.l., the Official Ferrari Importer in Lebanon, hosted a drive from Beirut to the Western side, Beqaa Valley. Ferrari owners and guests came together to enjoy a memorable day as they discovered the essence and splendor of Kefraya.\ Displaying _MG_0830.jpg The drive concluded in Chateau Kefraya, the meeting point, where Scuderia Lebanon s.a.l. launched the latest Ferrari model; the sporty, elegant and versatile California T. Ferrari enthusiasts were invited to test drive the California T along the scenic road of the Beqaa Valley. Displaying _MG_1100.jpg Hassan Haidar, Owner of Scuderia Lebanon s.a.l. welcomed attendees saying, “We are gathered here today to witness another successful gathering for the Ferrari family in Lebanon and I promise to continue to invest in the brand and transmit my passion for Ferrari to all of you”. The day was complimented with a tour in Chateau Kefraya, one of the largest wineries in the Beqaa Valley, followed by a lunch and a wine tasting session while guests enjoyed their time to Feyrouziyat tunes.