It’s Drive Time! Bankmed Partners with Medco

It’s Drive Time!  Bankmed Partners with Medco

In line with its continuous efforts to strengthen relationships with its clients, Bankmed has announced its partnership with MEDCO, the largest and oldest petroleum network in Lebanon .    

This partnership enables the Bank’s cardholders to get a one percent “Drive Time” as a cashback reward every time they use their credit cards at MEDCO &Phoenicia  service  stations, in addition to shopping at Yala Stop Super Dekkene . This reward is coupled with other Bankmed’s reward programs, which vary between card types such as  Miles, Points or Cashback.

Through this partnership, Bankmed stands behind its values and mission to provide its clients with a unique experience making banking simpler and more rewarding.

About Bankmed

With 75 years of solid banking experience, Bankmed has successfully positioned itself as one of the top-tier banks in Lebanon. The bank operates according to its central mission, “To best serve and empower [its] customers and the society at large, to dream, innovate and grow.” Bankmed demonstrates through this mission an unwavering commitment to its clients, providing them with highly efficient financial solutions and personalized services that best meet their needs to boost their personal and business potential. The Bank conducts its activities through 61 branches spread across the Lebanese territories. In addition, Bankmed has been keen to establish e-Branches and e-Zones to provide its customers with an optimal banking experience at any time around the clock. 


MEDCO is an importer and distributor of quality refined petroleum products, and it is the leading Lebanese Petroleum Company. Its roots go back to 1910, established by Georges N. Chammas (Ets. GNC)
Its driving mission is to fuel the market with innovation and customer-oriented, value-added services. First in the region to import bulk gasoil by tankers, MEDCO introduced to the Lebanese Market electronic pumps, Liters Plus fuel credit and loyalty smart card serving 65% of the corporate market share, Convenience Stores branded Medmart, Calmart, Yala Stop, electronic flow meters for digital gasoil distribution, Xpand red gasoil, environmentally friendly Propell Gasoline enhanced with additives for a cleaner engine, my medco app, the first loyalty app in which people can collect points or donate them to their favorite NGO, the Blue Pages (El 7al bel 7ay), the loyalty scheme, introducing the first woman tank truck driver, MEDCO Play and installed the First Electric Vehicle chargers in Lebanon. MEDCO distributes refined Petroleum products to over 203 service stations across Lebanon.