TrakMD, a Patient-Centered Digital Platform

TrakMD, a Patient-Centered Digital Platform

PIC-3.jpg trakMD, a revolutionary digital platform created to establish a satisfactory healthcare experience for patients by improving access to doctors and promoting doctor-patient engagement. Using trakMD’s platform, patients will have the luxury of finding and booking appointments with doctors tailored to their needs. Patients can choose by specialty, availability, location, and other search criteria, all within the click of a button.

CEO & Founder of trakMD, Ibrahim Fakih stated: “Patients First, this is the core mindset that resonates through our collective commitment to quality, integrity and incessant innovation in our business model”. He added: “We strive to adhere to an honest and transparent framework, all while being meticulously attentive to the various needs of key players in the healthcare sector”.

PIC-1.jpg The greatest advantage trakMD provides is that it is free for the patient. It can be used anytime and anywhere via smartphones, laptops, tabs, or PCs. With a click of a button, patients are able to view the doctor’s profile and star-rating by previous patients.  This is a common and popular practice in many other industries that we are now bringing to the healthcare field.  Patients like using reviews to guide their decisions and choices.

We are all busy people. Having the opportunity to be reminded of our appointments is a big help. trakMD will send you a reminder of your appointments, making sure you never miss them.

trakMD goes deeper into your healthcare experience and allows you to manage your family’s health record and directly connect with your doctor online using smart phones or tablets with the option of sharing photos, lab results and more.

Over 50 years of experience in computer programing and healthcare IT management put together, this application has one utmost concern: the human well-being.

PIC-2.jpg trakMD includes a team of clinicians who fully understand the daily concerns of physicians and their need to have a simple, secure and on the go technology solutions while rendering clinics paperless. The platform undergoes incessant development and new features are added on a periodic basis to make sure patients are satisfied in all angles.

The long waits and limited options are over and healthcare experience is now being upgraded to a whole new level. trakMD is your new guide for a healthier tomorrow!