TRA, du and RIPE NCC showcase IPv6 Connectivity at RIPE 75

TRA, du and RIPE NCC showcase IPv6 Connectivity at RIPE 75

du demonstrates the future of the Internet at RIPE 75 Meeting in Dubai!

UAE telecom operator du is introducing IPv6 at the RIPE 75 meeting as the latest Internet technology experience. Being the connectivity sponsor for RIPE 75, du has provided IPv6-based Internet connectivity and infrastructure for the meeting which runs from October 22-26 at Conrad Hotel Dubai.

IPv6 is critical towards enabling the concept of the ‘Internet of things’ (IoT), Smart Cities and ‘Machine to Machine’ (M2M) communication. This protocol will influence the digital world with its high security and capacity features that will satisfy the increasing demand of the Internet bandwidth/speed and will overcome the challenges introduced by a global scarcity of IPv4 addresses.

du is contributing effectively in the development of the telecommunications sector and the Internet through providing IPv6 to RIPE 75 meeting at Dubai through du commercial infrastructure. This comes in cooperation with the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in support of infrastructure projects and the digital growth, which have a prominent impact on the economic and social growth in UAE.

Global IPv6 deployment is vital to the continued growth and stability of the Internet. IPv6 will enable UAE to overcome the challenges resulting from IPv4 using latest technologies in the race toward digital and smart city transformation.

Image-24.jpg du is now ready to provide any enterprise corporate with IPv6-based infrastructure, said Saleem Al Blooshi, Chief Infrastructure Officer at du. “We are proud to sponsor the connectivity at RIPE 75 and provide state of the art IPv6 connectivity and infrastructure for the event. A supply of global IP addresses larger than the currently available pool of IPv4 addresses is necessary to maintain the sustainable, long-term development of technologies such as 5G, smart cities and the Internet of Things. At du, we invest in the state-of-the-art technologies to meet the expectations of UAE leaders”.

Abdul Rahman Al Marzouqi, Manager of Internet advancement policies and programmes, added: “The smooth and on-time implementation of IPv6 in the UAE is part of the medium-term plan of the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to ensure that we are on par with the latest global trends in telecommunications development. As the country experiences the rapid growth of mobile internet, and the further introduction of even more advanced technologies such as smart cities and the Internet of Things, it is quite exciting to have this new technology deployed here at the RIPE event, indicating that we are ready to meet the huge demand for IP addresses in the country”.

Paul Rendek, Director of External Relations at RIPE NCC, noted: “We thank du for sponsoring the IPv6 connectivity and infrastructure at RIPE 75. It is crucial that we can use and enjoy this connectivity as we gather with our Internet community colleagues from around the world – many of whom will be participating remotely. This event also provides a great testing ground to showcase the capabilities of UAE telecoms operators in providing IPv6 connectivity to the larger markets. We congratulate the UAE for leading by example and showing others in the region how to take the Internet to the next generation”.

The representatives from key government agencies, private companies, and other international technical organizations attending RIPE 75 will spend the week discussing the latest Internet trends and developments, develop technical policies and share best practices and ideas.