Taking Your Selfie Game to Superstar Status

Taking Your Selfie Game to Superstar Status

Is there a phone out there intelligent enough to make every selfie-snapper's dream come true?

One thousand selfies are posted on Instagram every second.

And that's just the number according to a report by Rawhide last year; that's likely grown since, with more than 93 million selfies being created each day! A 2017 study by Now Sourcing and Frames Direct says the average millennial is expected to take 25,700 selfies in their lifetime - which is at least an hour per week spent on snapping the perfect selfie, retaking it or editing it.[i]

Here in the Middle East, we're probably guilty of taking more selfies than in most places. From the serenity of Middle Eastern deserts to its pristine beaches and skylines that tower over clouds, how is one to resist striking a pose every single day? These spots have been the backdrop of not just selfies, but of international movies. But, finding that one smartphone camera that will capture the 'perfect' selfie with these scenic backdrops has become the impossible dream.


Needless to say, a front camera that will reduce the painful number of retakes and edits is the real dream. According to a study cited earlier this year, majority of women selfie takers typically discard about five selfies for each selfie uploaded[ii]. But let's be honest, so many of us take countless more before we capture the perfect image. Why? Because a selfie is a reflection of ourselves – our dreams, our hopes and our aspirations. And we want our selfie – ourselves included – to look its absolute best.

The answer is to find a smartphone camera that will be intelligent enough to do the work for you – a camera that will recognize the background and adjust automatically to bring to life the clear blue skies, lush green landscapes or deep turquoise waters, without taking away from the face that's the focus of the picture.


Nailing that perfect selfie is far more work than that though, because even after getting the perfect shot, it's still not perfect to post without editing and filtering to make sure the light falls to accentuate facial contours and conceal imperfections. But, what if there were a camera that could automatically adjust skin tones and facial details by age, editing and filtering the image as it’s taken to capture the perfect-to-post shot? In a world where artificial intelligence is leading technology and robots are being built more advanced than ever, this is certainly a possibility.

Imagine if your smartphone camera was powered by AI – making it like a robot, which could think and adjust automatically to give you the perfect picture possible. With the pace of technological advancements moving at an ever-increasing rate, this vision may not be too far away. Huawei, one of the top smartphone manufacturers globally, is set to lead the way for the new generation of selfies, with its AI powered HUAWEI Nova series. The brand has spearheaded the industry’s research and development over the last year, making its mark as a leader in the AI powered smartphone product category. Could this series be the breakthrough solution that we all have been waiting for to up our selfie game to superstar status? We look forward to seeing what’s to come!

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