Strategic new agreement between Emirates Intellectual Property Association and SADER Legal Publishing to help create new legal culture of IP in the UAE

Strategic new agreement between Emirates Intellectual Property Association and SADER Legal Publishing to help create new legal culture of IP in the UAE
  • Move is part of EIPA's commitment to strengthen cooperation in IP rights and to further promote the concept of IP protection in the region

Image-1-3.jpg The Emirates Intellectual Property Association (EIPA) has announced the recent signing of a strategic new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SADER Legal Publishing, member of Sader Group founded in 1863, to reinforce further cooperation in the move towards promoting intellectual property (IPR) rights protection, especially across the fields of training, learning, copyrights and other IP related aspects. The agreement is aimed at highlighting the important role that IP plays, including the adoption of globally accepted best practices in protecting innovation and creativity. The new partnership between EIPA and SADER Legal Publishing is expected to usher in a new legal culture of IP in the UAE and act as an ideal communication platform for all entities involved in the development and protection of IP in the country. The agreement was signed by His Excellency (H.E.) Major General Dr. Abdel Quduos Alobaidli, Assistant Commander-in-Chief for Quality and Excellence, Dubai Police and Chairman, EIPA and Attorney Rany Sader, Managing Partner and Legal Head, SADER Legal Publishing LLC last (Date) at the EIPA Headquarters in Dubai.

The signing of the MoU falls in line with the 'Month of Reading' initiative, which was launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. The newly signed agreement represents a step forward in EIPA's continuing efforts to play a key role in the promotion of reading and culture and raising awareness on the importance of legal knowledge across society--putting strong focus on the significance of intellectual property protection. The agreement also demonstrates EIPA's strong support for the country's comprehensive development process, particularly in the protection of the rights of innovators coming from various fields of interest.

According to EIPA senior officials, the MoU will help enhance cooperation between the two parties in developing and implementing joint programs and activities that are aimed at increasing awareness on the importance of IP--consolidating its concepts and facilitating key research and studies needed in drafting more local IP-focused legislation. Under the terms of the agreement, EIPA and SADER Legal Publishing will cooperate and communicate on IPR protection issues, raise community awareness, organize training courses and conduct studies in this field, as well as identify other areas related to joint cooperation between the two parties. The agreement is expected to result in the development of creative ideas, which includes the establishment of a traditional and digital/online legal library specializing in IP topics and subjects. To help ensure the proper implementation of IP projects, both parties have agreed on forming a steering committee that will be composed of executive managers and a delivery team to be located across support offices in the UAE and Lebanon.

H.E. Alobaidli said: “This newly signed MoU represents a strategic step in EIPA's mandate to strengthen its ties with IP professionals--a move that will also increase community awareness and help us promote a culture of IP in the UAE. In line with this, EIPA has expressed its commitment in supporting the vision of the country's wise leadership to be at pace with the rapid developments of IP. We remain steadfast in the continuing efforts to foster strong cooperation with all government entities in promoting more awareness on IP rights and how to protect the creations and innovations of the human intellect.”

“IP protection is one of the UAE's top priorities and represents the cornerstone of a modern economy and the culture of an advanced country, which is ably reflected in the rapid economic development and technological advancement being enjoyed by the UAE. Our new partnership with SADER Legal Publishing proves to be both timely and strategic as it allows us the opportunity to increase awareness on IP rights and laws and its impact on society. The MoU will help in the creation of a conducive environment that stimulates innovation, creativity, intellectual activities, including the development of independent data and publications, which in turn, will serve as primary references for IP in the UAE, the Arab region and the rest of the world,” H.E. Alobaidli added.

Meanwhile, Attorney Rany Sader concluded: “We are confident that the partnership between SADER Legal Publishing and EIPA will serve as a model in the promotion of IP concepts in the region where the UAE is recognized as a pioneer in the efforts to protect and promote IP rights. The project requires the use of professional experience of both parties to develop a solid action plan, achieve all the outputs and attain the inter-related goals. We look forward to strengthening joint cooperation and developing projects in areas related to the protection of intellectual property rights in the UAE.”