Sharjah Tatweer Forum Annual Retreat 2016 to highlight innovation in Sharjah’s manufacturing & industry

Sharjah Tatweer Forum Annual Retreat 2016 to highlight innovation in Sharjah’s manufacturing & industry
  • Contributions of Sharjah’s manufacturing to UAE’s GDP between 14 per cent and 19 per cent
  • Sector’s contributions forecasted to go up to 25 per cent by 2025

Sharjah Tatweer Forum (STF) has set the stage for its foremost Annual Retreat 2016 to highlight innovation in the manufacturing and industry sector. To be held in partnership with Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Al Maha Resort and Spa from December 9 to 10, 2016, the Retreat titled ‘24 Hours of Proactive Thinking’ will take an in-depth look at the crucial role of innovation in reshaping and transforming the production industry in the 21st century. The Retreat comes at a time when the contribution of Sharjah’s manufacturing sector to the UAE’s gross domestic product (GDP) is steadily growing. To date, the sector’s share stands between 14 per cent and 19 per cent, and it is predicted to go up to 25 per cent by 2025.

During the two-day event, renowned speakers and guests will discuss topics of international importance such as global manufacturing trends and innovations, the UAE’s manufacturing and industry strategy, and key measures to build and sustain the sector’s competitive advantages. Around 25 to 30 leaders and stakeholders, including high-level representatives from the government, private sector, academia, and federal and local agencies as well as select STF members, will participate in the discussions and analyses of the industry.

STF partnered with SAP to help achieve the Retreat’s objectives. As part of their collaboration, SAP will conduct a design thinking workshop for leading stakeholders to generate solutions to challenges and come up with key action plans. The design thinking workshop will divide the participants into groups, wherein each group will focus on one facet of the manufacturing and industry sector relevant and significant to the UAE.  Each group will craft and design innovative solutions to ensure the sector’s growth.

Jassem Albloushi, Chairman, STF, said: “The attendees will exchange ideas and expertise as well as jointly come up with collaborative solutions to enrich and enhance the manufacturing and industry sector in Sharjah and the UAE. They are expected to devise schemes to lift and uphold the sector’s competitive advantages. The outcomes and results of their discussions will be shared with relevant authorities, institutions and organizations to encourage long-term coordination and effective implementation of recommendations. Furthermore, the participants will have an opportunity to adopt and execute innovative ideas based on their respective organizations’ experiences or they may even suggest active public-private partnership arrangements to move forward and promote innovation within the sector. We at STF look forward to this fruitful exchange of knowledge and skills.”

On the other hand, H.E Abdullah Al Owais, Chairman of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said: “Sharjah has been both a part of and a close trading partner with the region’s most vibrant economies. As each individual emirate has carved out its own niche, Sharjah has relentlessly pushed its manufacturing sector to the forefront and after decades of persistence, the relatively small emirate now commands a large share of all manufacturing activities in the UAE and larger regional market. Viewed under this perspective, the Retreat will play a vital role in furthering the emirate’s role in the sector’s growth and development. Our cooperation with STF reflects our shared goal of harnessing the power of innovation in order to boost the overall growth of Sharjah.  We are keen on sustaining this momentum and furthering the sector through frequent interactions with top pioneers and best minds. The two-day event is yet another important platform to maintain our open dialogues and flourish our continued collaboration.”