A Sacred Art Exhibition: Beirut City of Coexistence by artists Lena & Hilda Kelekian

A Sacred Art Exhibition: Beirut City of Coexistence  by artists Lena & Hilda Kelekian

Kelekian.jpg Under the high patronage of the President of the Council of Ministers, H.E. Mr. Saad Hariri, renowned artists Lena and Hilda Kelekian will inaugurate a sacred art exhibition on March 20th 2018 at Villa Audi, in Ashrafieh.

Titled “Beirut City of Coexistence”, this unique exhibition supported by Letitia Gallery will be open to visitors until March 28th. It will display a series of icons, crosses, frescos and Islamic Verses from the Holy Quran as well as prayers and scenes from the Holy Bible on parchment. Hailed by local experts and recognized in different countries around the world, notably Greece, Belgium, Italy and Saudi Arabia, the Kelekian sisters’ impressive works combines painting in natural pigments and traditional techniques reflecting spiritual values from the orient.

Commenting on the upcoming exhibition, artists Lena and Hilda Kelekian said: “We are proud to exhibit our works again in Beirut, which is a historic example of religious coexistence, moderation and tolerance.” They both agreed that: “The Lebanese religious art scene has been gradually evolving in the past years and we are proud to continue to play an active role in its development.”

Roula Douaidy & Néda Ziadé, owners of “Events Production” said:  “Lena and Hilda Kelekian's works, throughout their 25 years of international careers, have gained worldwide attention and become a modern reference in this unique sacred art tradition that they continue to perpetuate.”

Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Lena Kelekian is a well-known icon painter in the traditional Byzantine manner since 1992. She is specialized in Byzantine, Melkite, Ethiopian and Russian styles and in the restoration and conservation of icons and murals. She holds a BS in geology from AUB and continued her studies in the field in six international universities, and her icons are in private collections in 15 museums for sacred arts around the world, and in the private collections of Queen Sophia of Spain, Rev. Billy Graham, and several Presidents and heads of states, diplomats and icon collectors.

Hilda Kelekian was also born in Beirut, Lebanon and became well known for creating her own school of depicting art on parchment in both Islamic verses from the Holy Quran and Christian scenes and prayers from the Holy Bible. She is specialized in textile design and in the technique of working on specially made colors used with gilding. She studied Fine Arts at LAU and holds a degree in Textile Design. Her works can be found in the private collections of 15 museums for sacred art from around the world and many private collections as well.

The “Beirut City of Coexistence” exhibition at Villa Audi, in Ashrafieh will be open to visitors from 21 until 28 March 2018 from 10 AM till 5 PM during weekdays, and from 10 AM to 1 PM on saturday. www.beirutcityofcoexistence.com