Product Review – Dabur Herbal tooth paste (Premium Range)

Product Review – Dabur Herbal tooth paste (Premium Range)

Dabur Herbal Sensitive Toothpaste with Cinnamon and Licorice root extracts effectively helps in managing and reducing sensitivity of teeth by shielding exposed dentine rods. Its potassium ions and mint content also soothe inflammation to prevent bleeding and strengthen the gums. Dabur Herbal Sensitive fights tooth decay and provides fresh breath as well.

Dabur Herbal Smokers toothpaste is specifically formulated to address oral care problems faced by individuals who smoke regularly. The combined action of salt, blackberry bark and mint in the toothpaste effectively removes yellow stains, fights germs and prevents plaque, thereby improving the health of teeth and gum, in addition to providing long-lasting fresh breath.

A potent, unique mix of herbs, Dabur Herbal Anti-Ageing toothpaste offers protection against gradual weakening of gums and daily wear and tear of enamel that leads to demineralization, affecting the overall stability of teeth. It contains extracts of Toothache tree, clove, ginger and red ochre, along with Vitamin E and soluble calcium that strengthens enamels. Regular use of the toothpaste also aids in soothing swollen or bleeding gums, in addition to preventing plaque and tartar formation.

Dabur Herbal Toothpaste Premium Range consisting of Sensitive, Smokers and Anti-Ageing variants is available in 150 gm packs, priced at AED 7.