Ministry of Health & Prevention partners with Pfizer Gulf to provide free medication to cancer & rheumatoid arthritis patients

Ministry of Health & Prevention partners with Pfizer Gulf to provide free medication to cancer & rheumatoid arthritis patients
  • One-year scheme under ATAA & TADAMON initiatives for financially challenged patients 
  • Amin Al Amiri: Partnership is part of the Ministry’s initiatives in line with the ‘Year of Zayed’

Image-3.jpg In line with the ‘Year of Zayed’ 2018 initiatives, the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) signed two Memorandums of Understanding with Pfizer Gulf Pharmaceutical Company, to provide free medications to 90 patients with breast, lung, kidney and other cancers treated with Pfizer medications. The MoUs will also provide free medications for 120 patients with rheumatoid arthritis, who qualify for the initiative, for one year. This will be in alignment with the treatment plan and the doctors’ prescriptions.

The signing ceremony was held at the Ministry’s headquarters in Dubai, in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Amin Al Amiri, Assistant Undersecretary for Public Health Policy and Licensing Sector, representing the Ministry of Health and Prevention; Mohamed Fawzi, Cluster lead for Pfizer in the Gulf region.

Improving treatment results

Dr. Al Amiri pointed out the importance of both partnerships in the ‘Year of Zayed’ in commemorating his values and legacy. He said: “Our aim is to improve the quality of health services for all patients in the UAE, and to enhance the community’s happiness. We also work towards improving treatment outcomes by increasing patients’ commitment to the prescribed treatment, supporting uninsured patients and financially challenged patients who lack prescription coverage for their treatments. The initiatives will also benefit patients with partial insurance coverage or none at all.”

Sustainable solutions for patients

He pointed out that the expected results of the two initiatives will ensure appropriate treatment for qualified patients through sustainable solutions that ensure the continuity of access of patient to medicines according to the treatment plan. This will be achieved through the provision of medicines to beneficiaries and qualified patients in a short span of time, enabling doctors to follow best practices in the treatment plan and enabling patient to continue and complete treatment according to the plan.

Social responsibility to ease the suffering of patients

The representative of Pfizer Group, Mohamed Fawzy, emphasized the importance of the MoUs that complement the company’s commitment to launch initiatives in line with the ‘Year of Zayed’ and within the framework of social responsibility to support the efforts of the Ministry in improving the quality of patients’ life, through the provision of medication for one year in a clear treatment plan given by the doctor. They also expressed their gratitude for the opportunity, which will help them achieve humanitarian goals by alleviating the suffering of patients.

The logistics role complements the Ministry’s efforts

Al Amiri explained that the role of Axios and MGG will enhance coordination with charities and non-governmental organizations recognized by the UAE as strategic partners to organize and implement this program, and coordination with all program partners as licensed physicians, pharmacies and drug distributors to ensure smooth operation of the program. This will also help the management of the eligible patients’ journey and will ensure periodic communication with them to provide the best treatments according to the plan, after evaluating the financial and social status of patients. This will ensure their eligibility for the program and.

About the two initiatives:  210 patients will benefit from two initiatives that fall under the Ministry’s initiatives in line with the ‘Year of Zayed’, 120 of them with rheumatoid arthritis, and 90 with breast cancer, lung, kidneys and other cancers treated with Pfizer medications. The treatment period continues for one full year. The MoUs can be renewed and/ or extended by a written agreement between all parties, while complying with applicable legislation in the UAE.