LG Solar Technical Seminar

LG Solar Technical Seminar

Interview with Industry Expert Mr. Phil Lee, Senior Manager at LG Solar Asia, Middle-East and Africa

1.What are some of the long-term benefits of implementing a solar energy system and how do you think it will impact and shape lives in the years to come?

It comes with no doubt that solar systems have sustainable benefits for both customers and the environment. These benefits, tangible both on short and long terms, will impact every individual, helping him/her lead a better life. Indeed, on the short term, solar energy usage directly reflects on cost saving in electricity bills while on the long term, solar energy will create and improve sustainable environment by reducing C02 emissions, promoting clean and renewable energy, and a better air quality, which benefits both the customer and our environment.

2 . Do you believe that one day Lebanon could fully depend on solar systems?

Well, although I feel hopeful for the future, it all comes down to batteries and their prices. Energy demand is constant, while solar systems only operate during the day. This means that there is a need for batteries in order to provide energy during the night. Whether it would be possible to have a whole country depend on solar energy comes down to the price of batteries, which will supposedly decrease in the coming years.

3.How does LG solar products differentiate themselves from their competitors?

Today, we are proud to say that LG Solar is one of the leading solar manufacturers, with a diversified and solid portfolio of solar solutions, providing advanced and highly efficient solar panels. In my opinion, the three words that perfectly describe LG’s added value in today’s market are: Quality, Reliability, and Efficiency.

4.Is the demand for solar energy systems increasing? Is it mainly for individual use or B2B?

Yes, the demand for solar energy is rising year-on-year, with an expected growth of 20% in 2020. In developed countries, both individual and market demand are increasing as awareness on sustainable energy and living is high. When it comes to developing countries such as Lebanon, the increase in demand mainly stems from B2B which explains why our focus today is to raise awareness among consumers about the solar benefits with the goal of transforming our societies.

5.How do you envision the solar system in the Levant area in 10 years?

The solar energy industry is very promising and has a lot of potential to grow for the 10 years to come. However, the industry remains particularly new and tough, with a lot of opportunities.

6.During the seminar, you mentioned that the Lebanese population is highly unsatisfied with the current energy crisis - How can LG solar systems help Lebanon overcome it?

It’s all about changing the way we live and adopting a new lifestyle. We humans tend to think that change is hard especially when we have been used to a certain lifestyle for centuries. However, sometimes change is a must. Although the process won’t happen overnight, the Lebanese consumer should trust the long-term benefits that come with the implementation of solar energy systems including cost-efficiency and of course, a more sustainable environment.

7.What is your message today to the Lebanese reader?

Think about the next-generation and the better lives they would get to lead when adopting solar energy systems and building sustainability with LG.