Lavazza Aims to Become the First-Choice Coffee Brand in The Gulf and Launches A New Exclusive Blend at Gulfood

Lavazza Aims to Become the First-Choice Coffee Brand in The Gulf and Launches A New Exclusive Blend at Gulfood

Conveying Lavazza’s expertise and leadership in the coffee sector to businesses, as well a further commitment to sustainability are the starting point from which the Turin-based company is developing its presence at Gulfood 2019 (17-21 February), the world’s largest food event for businesses.

For the fourth year in a row in the forefront of the international fair, Lavazza will be present with its existing, well-known product range, with displays devoted to its various products for the Café, Restaurant and Hotel sectors.

Lavazza currently holds the leading position in the GCC market in the R&G sector with a 14.2 % market share. The Food & Service sector has grown as well with new and exciting activations in cafes, restaurants and hotels all over the Gulf, thanks also to its great network of hospitality and tourism facilities. In 2019, Lavazza aims to achieve even greater results, becoming the first-choice coffee brand to all consumers in the region who are looking for the real taste of exceptional true Italian coffee anywhere and anytime.

For over 120 years, Lavazza has been delivering authentic coffee experiences in more than 90 countries all over the world. GCC represents a highly important market for our brand and we’re delighted to be present at Gulfood 2019 sharing the infinite palette of coffee experiences we can imagine with our passion and expertise in coffee – Riccardo Codognola, Head of WEMEA Marketing Sales department of LAVAZZA said. “With its dynamic lifestyle and economy, GCC presents many opportunities and challenges, and we are proud to say that our brand recognition has greatly increased over the past few years and we are eager to increasingly meet our customers’ expectations in the Gulf.”

Lavazza is launching at Gulfood its latest innovative offering for 2019: ¡Tierra! Colombia espresso and filter 100% washed Arabica blends, Lavazza’s interpretation of the Colombian territory and taste experience. ¡Tierra! Colombia brings together the taste profiles that are typical of the different Colombian regions: the acidity of the coffees from the South, the aromatic and fruity notes from the western Cordillera, and the body of the Meta region.

¡Tierra! Colombia espresso is characterized by an aromatic harmony and a smooth taste, enhanced by a sweet taste and a rich body. Notes of tropical fruit are accompanied by scents of lime peel and jasmine, with a mild liqueur-like aftertaste.

¡Tierra! Colombia is also available for filter preparation: a different blend and a different roasting method especially calibrated to achieve the best in-cup profile. This coffee is characterized by a fruity aroma, a balanced body, and the strong sweetness typical of Colombian washed Arabica. Notes of grapefruit, red fruits, bergamot and honey.

The blend is a concrete example of Lavazza’s commitment to sustainability and its painstaking search for the best coffee selections.

Visitors of Gulfood 2019 are welcome to taste the unique blend during the five-day event.

Alongside ¡Tierra! Colombia, Lavazza showcases it Classic Collection, a pillar of the Lavazza offering for lovers of traditional Italian espresso coffee with a contemporary twist, created for perfect extraction in professional settings. Within the Collection, the Specials – blends with a strong character and broad sensorial profile – are made from the finest Arabica and Robusta varieties; the Classics are the result of carefully selected origins and cutting-edge roasting techniques. The renewal process also extends to cover BLUE system capsules, which are aligned for the first time with the range of espresso beans and offer the same taste experiences.

At Gulfood, Lavazza also presents “COFFEE ABSOLUTE GASTRONOMY”, a 176 pages book featuring the celebration of coffee as the key ingredient that inspired 40 of the world’s cutting-edge chefs and 1 sommelier to create special and unusual recipes. The author Flavel Monteiro, the chefs Reif Othman of Zuma Dubai, Colin Clague of Ruya Dubai and James Knight-Pacheco – Vida Downtown Dubai and Riccardo Codognola - Head of WEMEA Marketing Sales department of LAVAZZA - will be presenting the book at Lavazza’s stand on February 18th at 11.00 am, where visitors will be able to taste some Lavazza-coffee-based recipes prepared by Lavazza coffee experts.


Lavazza’s answer to sustainable development

¡Tierra! is a sustainability project launched in 2002 and developed on a joint basis with the Rainforest Alliance NGO, with the aim of improving the social and environmental conditions and the production techniques of several coffee-growing communities.

The ¡Tierra! programme, which embraces projects devised and managed with more direct input from the nonprofit Giuseppe and Lavazza Foundation, is divided chronologically into two periods: in 2009 the first phase was completed, involving three communities in Peru, Honduras and Colombia; the second phase, launched in 2010, is addressed to India, Brasile and Tanzania. Since 2013, the programme has also involved two communities in Ethiopia and Vietnam. In real terms, the projects have created facilities to process coffee and improve efficiency, built and renovated homes, schools and medical centres, launched microcredit projects and, most importantly, developed training programmes in the field for small producers, with the aim of implementing sustainable production techniques. Over the years, the programme has also worked to improve healthcare, as well as providing assistance to bring drinking water to plantations and villages.

The ¡Tierra! project focuses on three key aspects: the quality of the end product, a concern for the living conditions of the people in coffee-producing countries and the protection of the environment. Its goals are to improve the living conditions of farming communities and to develop high quality production processes, accompanied by the gradual reduction of environmental impact through the use of new farming techniques. Today, ¡Tierra! is a comprehensive range of products for both the home and out-of-home markets, containing coffee grown by these communities.