Kassem Concludes First TCCC Session on Rescue Techniques at Hamat Military Base

Kassem Concludes First TCCC  Session on Rescue Techniques at Hamat Military Base

Roads for Life (RFL) President Zeina Kassem delivered certificates to the Lebanese Army personnel who took part in the Training of Trainers program on the Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) rescue course at the Hamat military base.

During the ceremony, she pointed out that “the Army is preparing to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence and has launched an exhaustive training scheme covering various fields, especially rescue programs. Rescuing civilians and soldiers on the battlefield was at the heart of the talks, which culminated in RFL signing a Memorandum of Understanding that kickstarted the training sessions with the Lebanese Army thanks to the strategic partnership with Fransabank”, she added.

 “It is better to be ready to react , and acquiring the [right] techniques is a pressing need in a permanently unstable region. The Army has proven at various echelons of command that it is among the most competent armies and one that abides by a firm fighting doctrine. Its capacities are bolstered by providing it with an internationally recognized program that allows it to ensure that civilian and military casualties remain stable before the arrival of rescuers.”

In conclusion, Kassem argued, “anyone paying respect to the nation is bound to acknowledge the Army. Its wise command remains a model for the Lebanon that ordinary citizens want, those citizens who constitute the overwhelming majority that is far removed from the political struggles crippling the country.”