IDE Initiatives in Africa to culminate in spectacular fashion at the 18th Edition Design Mission Africa

IDE Initiatives in Africa to culminate in spectacular fashion at the 18th Edition Design Mission Africa

Altogether, over 2000 face-to-face meetings have transpired this year at IDE initiatives in Africa.

‘‘Affordable housing for every African is the ultimate aim of Design Mission Africa.’’

IDE, a global real estate solutions company, is set to host the 18th Edition Design Mission Africa on November 23 – 24, 2017 in Johannesburg, South Africa. This is the final leg of IDE’s events in Africa this year, and it is on course to be the biggest and most influential to date.

The sectors covered at the initiative are residential, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and mixed-use projects.

Ravi-Kumar-Chandran-Director-of-IDE.jpg Ravi Kumar Chandran, Director of IDE and mastermind of IDE’s initiatives in Africa said: “We started off this year with a grand vision of making housing affordable for every African, and we were aiming for Africa to be looked up to as one of the most progressive regions of growth and development in the world.

Both the Hotelier Summit South Africa in April and the Hotelier Summit North Africa in October were events of very high magnitude. Altogether, more than 2000 pre-scheduled face-to-face meetings transpired between the pre-qualified buyers and suppliers and 549 projects were represented.

With the momentum on our side, we are expanding our focus at Design Mission Africa by including several key sectors. Our ultimate aim is to ensure the implementation of sustainable measures pan Africa and drive development of all sectors to the next level.”

The summit will also feature and engaging and engrossing conference session, in which the theme of the discussion will be on how to design and build affordable housing in all the sectors covered.

The audience will comprise of architects, interior designers, consultants and project owners as well as suppliers of various products and services such as furniture, bathroom fittings, marbles, tiles and ceramics, roofing systems, lighting solutions, automation systems and HVAC among many others.

With a power-packed agenda, strategic networking sessions, and a unique face-to-face meeting format, the 18th Edition Design Mission Africa is all set to be the defining initiative in the African continent in 2017.