HUAWEI Mate 10 lite: The Most Private and entertaining Smartphone

HUAWEI Mate 10 lite: The Most Private and entertaining Smartphone

In few days, HUAWEI will launch the Mate 10 lite’s upgraded software with face unlock and AR lens, delivering an enhanced experience with the Face ID technology to android users.

HUAWEI Mate 10 lite users can unlock the phone through the device’s newest face recognition feature, which collects information on facial features from photographs taken by the user. The HUAWEI Mate 10 lite can quickly identify facial features, whether front face, side face, high angle or low angle, quickly and completely capturing facial details and unlocking the screen within 800 milliseconds. Users can look at the screen and unlock it even when their hands are wet or dirty.

Pic-03.jpg The HUAWEI Mate 10 lite provides intelligent display lock screen notification options, displaying notification information from your social media channels. Only authorized user can see the specific content of the notification, hiding the detailed content to others to protect the user’s privacy. Each user can choose their preference according to their habits.  

   Face unlock features are simple and convenient, but many people are worried about the security of this information. The HUAWEI Mate 10 lite face recognition comes with three security measures:

  • The first is storage security. The face information is stored in the TEE area of HiSilicon Kirin 659 CPU which provides chip-level security.
  • The second measure is to identify the algorithm is safe; the algorithm collects more than 1000 points of facial data to make sure your mobile phone only recognizes your face.
  • The third is to prevent someone else from unlocking the mobile phone while the phone owner is sleeping. The HUAWEI Mate 10 lite is not only easy to use, but also more secure.

As for how to activate this feature, enter the settings, choose "Face Unlock", and then follow the instructions for the system to scan the face of the user, and then it will be activated.

front-camera.jpg The AR Lens is another feature newly integrated in the device, providing enhanced lens characteristics to the front camera, and giving the user a new creative dimension to his selfie pictures, including options like user-generated backgrounds, backgrounds with famous icons from around the world, built-in images and special effects. It adds more fun and beauty to the images as it will add adjustments from multiple options with new effects such as adding masks in accurate and vivid colors. These adjustments also include the backgrounds and their application, as well as intelligent integration. This feature will appeal to users with diverse tastes.

Impressive pictures and incredible experience will result from this software update of the Huawei Mate 10 lite.

It’s worth mentioning that Huawei will participate in EDEX, the first edition of the annual education and orientation exposition, where students, parents, teachers, schools and universities come together in one platform to showcase the latest career and education trends, from March 1st till March 4th. Where attendees will have the opportunity to experience Huawei Mate 10 lite and be part of an on-ground activation.