Home of H introduces its deluxe exclusive collection at Sin El Fil showroom

Home of H introduces its deluxe exclusive collection at Sin El Fil showroom

Home of H, the leading lifestyle brand in luxurious decoration, introduced its deluxe exclusive collection of furniture and home decoration in its Sin El Fil showroom. The reveal took place on the 4th of April, 2017, at Home of H Sin El Fil, where style and distinctiveness have met in an exceptional gathering of exquisite elegance.

Welcomed on the rhythms of fashionable music, the honored guests, shaped by media representatives, stakeholders and most extinguished clients, walked the red carpet into a world of sophistication and incomparable taste. The invitees were photographed in front of the wall of fame before they wandered through the latest and unique arrangement of furniture and home decoration that is only available at Sin El Fil showroom.

The concept behind Sin El Fil showroom is the exceptionality of taste, clean finishes and fusion of style that attracts metal and leather aficionados. Moreover, its significance focuses on the limited quantities yet diversity in high-end design components. The beauty of this collection is that it effortlessly showcases the valuable essence of Home of H signature in all its items, however, the materials are more targeted for people with extraordinary sense of style and elegance.

The creator of the trademark and the artist behind this exclusive branch of Home of H, Mr. Alfred Zakhour, explained the reason for this private collection of furniture saying, “the exclusive collection located in Sin El Fil showroom is an uplifted and sensibly crafted lifestyle trend that delivers a limited quantity of well-designed items, while it is built from a modish backbone of metal and leather.” He, then, added, “five years of Home of H in the Lebanese market led our clients to an astounding standard in furniture and home decoration, therefore, the only way to engage and gratify our loyal customers is to push for higher standards in uniqueness, comfort and style for their homes.”

Mr. Zakhour also pledged that the exclusive collection that signifies Sin El Fil showroom will not be the only achievement for the brand in the year 2017, additionally, a summer gathering will take over the Mazraat Yachouh showroom, the main branch of Home of H, in addition to a launch of a new showroom later this year, somewhere on the beautiful bay of Jounieh.