Expo Centre Sharjah delays 17th SteelFab to June 2021

The Expo Centre Sharjah, the organizer and the host of the SteelFab exhibition, has announced the postponement of the 17th edition of the event, which was scheduled to be held in January 2021, to June of the same year.

In a statement, the Centre’s Board of Directors said that the decision made after assessing the current global conditions and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the global economy, aviation, and air freight, and conferring with strategic partners and a number of industry leaders.

The Centre added: “We have already reached an agreement with a number of exhibiting companies that have booked a reasonable percentage of stands and booths. However, the delay of the event would be in everyone's best interest to attract the largest possible number of visitors and exhibitors.”

The early announcement of the new date of 17th SteelFab would help enable industry leaders to preset their plans and give them additional time to prepare for the event. The participating companies will also avoid the current restrictions of travel and allow both exhibitors and visitors to meet again with old and new customers in a very enjoyable and productive environment through an unprecedented shopping experience.

The statement added the Centre is forward to welcoming the participants and delegations from all over the world to the new edition of SteelFab which will certainly have the same success as the previous years, thus reinforcing Sharjah’s status as a leading global destination in the exhibitions and conferences sector.

The statement went on to emphasize the Expo Centre’s keenness to maintain the health and safety of everyone and the importance of organizing safe and successful event when the right conditions are in place while recognizing the important role SteelFab plays in supporting iron and steel industries at the local level, regional, and global scales.

Throughout 16 years, SteelFab has managed to attract major players from leading UAE and international companies and brands in the field of the steel industry, metal cutting, welding machines, and other relevant industries.

SteelFab is organized with the support of the Sharjah Chamber of Commerce & Industry and represents an annual forum to explore the latest equipment, advanced technologies, and new products and applications.