Elm launches five innovative digital services at GITEX Technology Week 2018

Elm launches five innovative digital services at GITEX Technology Week 2018

IT spending in the Middle East to reach USD 155.36 billion in 2018

Company launches interactive services with advanced features to serve local & global public, private sectors


Highlighting its commitment to sharing its knowledge and technology expertise, Elm - a leader in innovative digital solutions - launched five innovative services during its participation at GITEX Technology Week 2018, which kicked off (Sunday, October 14th) in Dubai. The launch of new services forms part of the company’s efforts to enable the public and private sectors to keep abreast of local and global technological developments, as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region continues to embrace digital transformation, with regional IT spending set to reach USD 155.36 billion this year.

The new integrated services were widely praised by visitors, exhibitors and pioneers in the ICT sector at GITEX, who value the company's efforts to deliver integrated services with competitive advantages and innovative characteristics, which is one of Elm’s core corporate values. The company also reviewed the advantages of the application ‘Eshara,’ which contributes to raising efficiency levels of communication with individuals with hearing problems, upon the completion of official transactions. The application provides beneficiaries with visual interpretation of the message, ensuring their full independence during transactions via a communication channel directly adapted to suit their requirements. The service is characterized by a secure visual chat platform, which focuses on image quality more than sound quality, contrary to similar services offered by other international companies, in order to enable users to capture every indicative movement, while also considering women's privacy by providing signal language interpreters.

Elm also launched “the Digital Field Forces inspection”, which is of high significance due to its capability to enhance professionalism in workplaces and to strengthen the community's confidence in municipal services by increasing the efficiency of work. It also ensures compliance with health and commercial establishments using the latest technological innovations, which contributes to providing a healthy and progressive environment that ensures the satisfaction of users. The digital inspection involves the implementation of monitoring, inspection and service tasks for a specific purpose, determined according to the responsibilities of the sector or the government agency responsible for the field work team, which varies from comprehensive, specific inspection. The digital inspection includes several services, with the most important ones being control visit, crowd management, field visits for licensing, specialized visits and field surveys, using advanced techniques including the Field Force Platform, Inspection and Control System, Fleet Management System and Monitoring System.

GITEX Technology Week 2018 also witnessed the unveiling of “Digital Inspection” by Elm, which is an integrated cloud service for the management of field inspections of government agencies and private companies. The service contributes to the quality of inspections and facilitates the process of distribution and follow-up tasks in accordance with the highest standards of accuracy and efficiency, while also reducing the operational costs. The new service supports the digital transformation path through the elimination of paper work, as well as its interactive and technical features, which include automatic archiving system and direct follow-up of the inspection and preservation of data in the absence of internet connection. The fifth and final service is “Car Sharing”, which allows users to rent a car with a single click from anywhere, through a paper-less payment feature. Users of the app can enjoy the driving experience and leave the car anywhere after use.

The “Mojaz” service launched by Elm at GITEX 2018 garnered remarkable interest, as it is a digital service that facilitates access to comprehensive information on used cars including the date of entry into Saudi Arabia, helping users make better purchase decisions based on reliable and integrated information from accredited sources and destinations. The data will include technical specifications of the car, the number of former owners, the history of accidents, and insurance and maintenance records. The service is unique with two advanced features, the first of them being the ‘price index,’ which helps in estimating the current selling price in the market based on information about the real sales of vehicles used in Saudi market. Meanwhile, the ‘price calculator’ feature supports selection of vehicles by proposing several appropriate vehicles after entering the search criteria, such as the specified budget and the date of manufacture. The service plays a major role in raising the confidence levels and transparency in the used car market, while enhancing the quality of used cars by tightening control and adherence to maintenance and informed leadership. It also provides a fair assessment of the car’s current market price, if the user wants to sell it.

Elm, with its high levels of expertise and professional competencies, enjoys strong relationships with major government and private institutions, which reaffirms its current market position as a leading technology company in the development of integrated services and innovative solutions. These solutions include electronic services and products, training and consulting, and IT solutions. The company provides professional management and support services according to highest professional standards that meet customer expectations, thereby making valuable contributions to national capacity building and modernization of technical infrastructure.