“City Picnic” adds life to Beirut bringing families and friends together

“City Picnic” adds life to Beirut bringing families and friends together

On May 13, Beirut hosted for the second time in a row, “City Picnic”, the largest picnic ever in Lebanon, organized by Virgin Radio and Mindwhisk, the leading events planning agency in Lebanon. In one of the largest green spaces of Lebanon, Hippodrome Park Beirut, “City Picnic” rejoiced by bringing together all families and friends, reminding them that the best memories are created in picnics.

Lying out on their blankets on the green grass of spring, all participants enjoyed the live bands music along with the dancing beats of the DJs who lifted the spirits and brought joy to the hearts. From 11h00 a.m. till 1h00 a.m. everybody enjoyed the activities organized by the team of Mindwhisk and savored the delicious bites in the food corner.

Divided into two sections, families and adults, “City Picnic” made sure to create the best ambiance for all people. Families gathered in the same area, where they benefited from bonding time with loved ones and adults also enjoyed their time by sharing memories with friends. Being pet friendly, the largest picnic ever in Lebanon offered the opportunity for all animal lovers to experience best times with their pets.

Roula Mezher, Managing Director of Mindwhisk, stated that “after the first edition of City Picnic, it was clear to us that a second edition will be as successful as the first one. City Picnic is a window for all Lebanese to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and green spaces of Beirut in addition to creating the best memories with their loved ones”.

After “City Picnic”, Mindwhisk is preparing to launch the first edition of  Retroville, the music festival inside an amusement Park (Dream Park-Zouk Mosbeh) offering a one of a kind experience for families on Thursday July 6 and Friday July 7, an international DJ event on Saturday July 8 for party lovers and a bands’ day on Sunday July 9. The Holi Festival of colors world tour, will be back to Beirut for the second time to create the perfect atmosphere to celebrate love and happiness for everyone.