Diebold Nixdorf (NYSE: DBD), a global leader in driving connected commerce for the banking and retail industries, announced today that Bankmed is the first to deploy its new DN SeriesTM self-service solution in Lebanon. Bankmed is also the first bank in Lebanon to introduce cash recycling and will install new ATMs at Beirut - Hariri International Airport to facilitate currency exchange. The new installation includes lobby and through-the-wall ATMs offering a 19-inch multi-touchscreen with cash recycling and check deposit.

The DN Series, which was awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019, is a digitally-connected line of ATM solutions built upon a software and services-driven model that offers the latest cash processing technology in the industry’s most reliable and compact footprint.

To optimize cash handling, Bankmed is utilizing the cash recycling capability of DN Series, which is an integral part of the new solution’s design. The ATMs can securely and accurately accept, validate, store and recirculate cash, which increases efficiency and reduces the frequency that cash-in-transit companies are needed to refill machines.

Bankmed will integrate the DN VynamicTM software suite into the new DN Series terminals as well as its existing fleet of ATMs. This upgrade supports the bank’s strategy to transform the self-service consumer experience and increase overall digital and physical capabilities. This integrated solution includes:

  • The ability to deploy one, seamless application across the bank’s entire self-service network, and enhance the consumer experience by implementing VynamicTM Connection Points software.
  • The ability for consumers to conduct omnichannel, video and advanced ATM transactions by connecting to Bankmed’s core system with VynamicTM Transaction Engine.
  • Operational support to manage the full ATM fleet, including availability monitoring, incident reporting, security monitoring and business intelligence with VynamicTM View.
  • Protection from data and cyber threats with Vynamic™ Security software suite.

Commenting on this deployment, Fouad Baalbaki, Head of Information Technology at Bankmed noted: “The capabilities of the DN Series will allow us to optimize cash handling at our branches while ensuring that our customers are interacting with the most futuristic and accommodating technology. As innovation progresses in our industry and part of Bankmed’s strategy to lead and innovate on new technologies, we are proud to be the first financial institution in Lebanon to implement cash recycling and the first in Lebanon to install the new DN Series self-service solution.”       

In turn, Habib Hanna, Managing Director, Middle East, at Diebold Nixdorf said: “The DN Series gives financial institutions the ability to grow their digital strategy through elevating the performance of the self-service channel with integrated software, hardware and services, and allowing cost reduction optimization. This transformation of Bankmed’s fleet of ATMs will help the bank continue to be a leader in the region. We are thrilled that Bankmed is expanding its relationship with us with the deployment of the new DN Series line with proven cash handling capabilities and the launch of recycling.”

Bankmed will begin installation of these new solutions in the Lebanese market in the first quarter of 2020. The project services and implementation are being provided by QuanTech SAL.