Automatic check-in for a relaxed start your journey

Automatic check-in for a relaxed start your journey

Lufthansa customers will now automatically receive their boarding pass directly to their smartphone 23 hours before departure – without having to check-in themselves Lufthansa passengers will now be able to start their journey feeling more relaxed: From now on, they will benefit from an automatic check-in procedure for all flights within Germany and to destinations in Europe. The boarding pass for flights booked up to 24 hours before departure will then be sent automatically to the passenger 23 hours before departure – with no need for any manual check-in. This saves time and makes travel preparations easier. In order to use this new service, the Lufthansa customers only have to deposit their personal details in their Miles & More account or Lufthansa iD profile.

Want to change your seat or cancel your check-in? Want to activate an electronic luggage tag at home or download eJournals? All the services that customers have been able to use so far are now also available with the automated check-in procedure. The service is being offered for flights within the Schengen area as well as for bus and train travel on the Lufthansa Express Rail and Bus. Automatic check-in is not possible with air travel not completely within the Schengen area. In this case, passengers will still be asked to check in manually. Anyone no longer wishing to use the service can deactivate the option at any time in their customer profile. Customers with no Lufthansa iD or Miles & More profile can also sign up for automatic check-in using the link in their booking confirmation. The service will then only be valid for that particular flight.

Last year Lufthansa was awarded the "IATA Fast Travel Platinum Award" for its range of self-service options. With the award, IATA honors airlines that offer at least 80 percent of their passengers self-service options in the area of check-in, boarding or baggage claim services.

The Lufthansa iD:

The Lufthansa iD is the key to enjoying a personalized travel experience. After a quick and easy registration process, travelers can log in on a laptop, tablet or smartphone with their e-mail address. They then have the chance to store personal details, attitudes and preferences (e.g. seat, meals, preferred airport) in their profile and to change them at any time. This speeds up the booking process, since the stored information, such as name, contact or payment data, are automatically filled in when the flight is booked.