Annahar debuts "Naya," a section highlighting women's talents, challenges and empowerment

Annahar debuts "Naya," a section highlighting women's talents, challenges and empowerment

Annahar debuts "Naya," a section highlighting women's talents, challenges and empowerment


Annahar English has officially launched "Naya," devoted to everything women in Lebanon.

This section aims at fortifying Lebanese women’s voices by highlighting their talents, challenges, innovations, and women’s empowerment. We will also report on the world of work, family, style, health, and culture.

The challenge issues are obvious as to chauvinism, gender inequity, and insufficient political representation, to name just a few. We will cover these in objective journalistic fashion as they arise, to spotlight problems. When there is news of abuse, a demonstration, or a new initiative, this will be our headline news.

For our daily coverage, Naya will represent a positive collage of Lebanese womanhood – ranging from Gen Z to Tetas, with membership in any of the republic’s 18 religious denominations and sects – our focus will range from professional working women, full-time parents, students, athletes, artists, and activists, to women who are all of the above.

If Naya were a person, her hometown might range from Tripoli, Batroun, Beit Mery and Baalbek to Sidon, Nabahtieh, Tyre all the way to Deir el-Qamar.

Or she might have been raised partially in the Gulf, Canada, Europe or the States.

We will be reporting on women who are diverse, complex, facing challenges straight on and shooting for the stars.

“Our editorial team is youthful and interested in genuine news reporting rather than in creating a lifestyle brand with lists of top beaches,” said Sally Farhat, Naya Editor. “That’s not to say we will not have some lighter, interesting, and indeed, fun reading. We are working hard to create a unique section.”

Beyond content on En.Annahar, Naya also is building a strong social media presence on both Instagram (@NayaBeirut) and Twitter (@BeirutNaya).

“The more people Naya reaches, the more women’s voices will be heard. We consider our social media component both a necessity and a creative must,” added Farhat.

This debut will open exciting new areas of coverage and reporting opportunities focusing on all aspects of womanhood in Lebanon. The section's emphasis is about and for women who don’t believe in limits and chart their own course.

“Naya is a much-needed section and it feels great being part of this initiative,” said Fatima Al Mahmoud, Annahar correspondent and member of the Naya team.

Annahar looks forward to hearing what’s on women’s minds.