An amazing technological breakthrough now available at optometrists in Lebanon: Electronic glasses that let the legally blind actually see and lead a new and normal life

An amazing technological breakthrough now available at optometrists in Lebanon: Electronic glasses that let the legally blind  actually see and lead a new and normal life

Lebanese optometrists have announced that legally blind people or people with severe visual impairment in Lebanon can from now on recover sight and lead a normal life thanks to modern electronic glasses, eSight 3, which have become available on the Lebanese market.

These glasses look like virtual or reinforced reality glasses, but make use of the reinforced reality technique and the digital technology in order to enable visually impaired people or legally blind people to enjoy the real world.


In a statement on the occasion of the blindness awareness month, Pierre ANTAKI, the responsible of eSight 3 in Lebanon, described this breakthrough as “the dawn of a new life” for those suffering from severe visual impairment and insisted on the fact that these glasses “represent a quantum leap in the life of people with low vision that allows the legally blind to actually see in the same manner that sighted people see.” Those who are legally blind or who are living with low vision can now experience a dramatically improved quality of life, and can independently engage in many professional, academic, or personal activities the way the sighted can, without the need for surgeries, by simply wearing glasses.

Antaki explained that eSight 3 technique levels the playing field for students. Students can sit anywhere in the classroom, collaborate in groups, watch presentations and study various materials without the burdens legal blindness traditionally present. Students are no longer isolated, and can walk independently from class to class, and move swiftly from task to task. eSight allows users to return to work, build a new career in a field that their blindness no longer restricts them from or retain their job and work to their fullest ability, not even with an abundance of traditional assistive devices (canes, seeing-eye dogs, Braille, magnifiers).


eSight is a tool that improves quality of sight and life. It has been used by a wide variety of ages for personal enjoyment, and it is also incredibly helpful when completing Activities of Daily Living, such as cooking, reading medication bottles, managing finances, grocery shopping, and more.

Optometrist Nagi Bassil has clarified that those affected by maculopathy, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, cone-rod dystrophy, Leber’s disease, glaucoma, ocular albinism and nystagmus, etc. can benefit from this breakthrough.

eSight3 relies on a high speed and HD camera, with two OLED screens. The person who wears the glasses sees clear pictures through the camera. eSight 3 grants instant sight, i.e. an Instantaneous auto-focusing between short-range vision (reading a book or a text message on a smart phone), mid-range vision (seeing faces and watching TV) and long-range vision (looking outside) with virtually no delay.


e-Sight 3 users can manually control colors, with a control device linked to the glasses. It has a 6-hour battery. Bassil indicated that the new design of eSight 3 glasses is the third generation of electronic glasses produced by the Canadian eSight Corporation, lighter than the previous designs of the company and represents a quantum leap compared to the previous models, considering it small size and its lightness (weigh less than 50%), more comfortable and esthetic, plus has electronic options, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI connection, USB entry and SD Card.

Bassil expressed his hope that the concerned public authorities and the civil society associations will endeavor to facilitate access of legally blind people to such glasses by providing them with the needed financial support to this end, knowing that its price is not affordable for everyone, especially that a great share of those legally blind are jobless and cannot afford buying such glasses.

It is noteworthy that there are presently 300 million persons worldwide who suffer from visual impairment or blindness.

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