Food Security

Is Agritech the Solution to Food Security Issues?

From ploughing with oxen to the introduction of tractors, inventions and innovations have always played an integral role in agriculture. At present, as is the case with several other sectors, agriculture is undergoing transformation driven by technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), connected sensors and aerial drones that have given rise to a new segment – agritech. Agriculture is slowly embracing advanced technologies to develop sustainable approaches to farming and solve pressing global issues, such as feeding a surging population.

Under the patronage of H. H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan

‘Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development’ officially launches ‘Gulf Forum to Enhance Food Security and Support Small and Medium Scale Farmers’


 Event to be held in partnership with ‘International Fund for Agricultural Development’ (IFAD), ‘Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority’ & ‘Food Security Center in Abu Dhabi’