Dubai-based startup launches Stylar, an AI-powered tool to revolutionize fashion discovery using visual search

Dubai-based startup launches Stylar, an AI-powered tool to revolutionize fashion discovery using visual search

The newly-launched Stylar platform gives e-commerce, technologists and media publishers the power to connect street style images with real products, increasing client conversion and opening up new avenues of product discovery.

Stylar is the brainchild of technologist & AI expert Ahmed Moussa and venture capitalist Basil Moftah. While doing a Master’s in data science, Ahmed began exploring the possibilities that AI held for parsing and recognizing human clothing. The idea resurfaced when Basil noticed that all of his 12-year old daughter’s clothing requests came from photos she’d seen on Instagram. “Shopping for my daughter made me realize that fashion discovery, especially among millennials, had completely changed’, says Stylar co-founder Basil Moftah. “There is a massive opportunity for retailers to capture new clients based on visual search, linking their items to outfits and looks showcased on social media platforms both by celebrities and influencers, as well as the user’s family and friends.”

Multiple studies show that product discovery is becoming increasingly visual; image search currently accounts for 27% of queries across the world’s 10 leading search engines and is as high as 62% among millennials. Visual search is an especially effective tool in retail fashion, as consumers change the way they discover products and trends, with online shoppers aiming to ‘shop the look’, and replicate outfits from their favorite influencers and celebrities, using image-based search. However, retailers often struggle to adapt to these demands, having to rely on time-consuming and non-standard tagging and categorization methods. Current automated tools struggle to analyze street style photos with busy backgrounds and often miss detailing and color nuances in clothing items.

“Knowing the challenges that retailers were facing with visual search, we set out to develop technology that could address these issues”, says Stylar’s co-founder & CTO, Ahmed Moussa. As a result, Stylar’s powerful AI technology has the ability to analyse any internet-based image on any platform, automatically recognizing up to 5,000 different fashion features, and providing exact color matching from a palette of over 2,000 colors. The technology then offers users options to buy exact or similar products, while simultaneously providing retailers with immediate insights about fashion and buying patterns and trends.

“It was important to us that Stylar provides solutions for both onsite and offsite search,” adds Ahmed. “Retailers can use Stylar to power accurate and detailed image search within their own e-commerce platforms, but Stylar also boosts SEO offsite, by automatically recognizing and tagging any street style photo or ‘product image’ associated with that fashion product.”

Although Stylar is currently focusing on products in the women’s fashion industry, the technology behind Stylar can be easily adapted to be used on multiple other verticals, such as men’s wear and furniture.

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