Dialogue of Alphabets: Rediscover the Power of Dialogue and Civilization

Dialogue of Alphabets: Rediscover the Power of Dialogue and Civilization


In a time of haphazard instability, a time where Lebanon is stuck between forces of unrest, we find our country moving forward by its people and their love of art and culture.  On September 29, under the patronage and presence of H.E. Minister of Culture Rony Araiji, H.E. Minister of Education Elias Bou Saab and H.E. Minister of Tourism Michel Pharaon, ambassadors, VIPs and social representatives all gathered at BeitMisk to partake in the press conference launch and cocktail reception of ‘Dialogue of Alphabets’, a much needed cultural project brought to life by Georges Zard Abou Jaoude Foundation (GZA) and the Forum for National Dialogue (FFND), a Makhzoumi initiative, with the support of ERGA.

‘Dialogue of Alphabets’ comes as an answer to a plea that extends beyond this nation’s borders, a plea that calls for a cultural restoration. In a time where another’s conviction is not only unknown, but is now considered a threat, it is crucial to have a single project that brings together world traditions in a single union; A union that celebrates the Alphabet as an element that connects the globe from corner to corner. ‘Dialogue of Alphabets’ creates a platform where artists from different parts of the world can manifest their ideas with letters through various artistic interpretations. This idea is the fruit of collaboration between the FFND and the GZA Foundation, challenging our society to restore its cultural and artistic values by returning to the root of our civilization, the Alphabet. With ‘Dialogue of Alphabets’, the Alphabet becomes an example of tolerance, solidarity and mutual respect translated through our daily communication.

Both the GZA Foundation and the FFND have always worked for the greater good of the Lebanese economy and the benefit of the society they operate in. By creating promising projects and employment opportunities across various fields, both organizations aim toward developing a forward-thinking environment that promotes unity, acceptance, and a chain of open communication among different cultures. Mr. Georges Zard Abou Jaoude, president of the GZA Foundation said: “this project, taken to its full potential, is ambitious and somehow idealistic, but I always believed in the power of ideas, in this country and its future. I know the difficulties Lebanese go through, but I also know how rewarding creativity and innovation is, particularly when it would serve higher ends like dialogue and peace.” “For 20 years, I have been investing in the next generations, the driving force for a unified, independent, modern and economically prosperous Lebanon... I believe that a better Lebanon can become an example to the world”, claimed Mr. Makhzoumi, chairperson of the FFND foundation.

The Alphabet, a treasure that was once the basis of every dialogue and understanding, has now become a threat to man and his foreign counterpart. ‘Dialogue of Alphabets’ could not have been launched at a better time, a time that yearns for change. ‘Dialogue of Alphabets’ is here to pave the way for a cultural revolution that celebrates the Alphabet and is supported by forces of art, diversity, and communication.