The 26-year-old Joe Ghanem - Founder of JPM International - Luxury Real Estate decides to activate a new initiative to help rebuild the city of Lebanon.

His brand was founded in 2020 giving access to extraordinary properties across the country and professional assistance of a large selection of luxury real estate options. Ghanem launched a fruitful roster of residential, commercial and industrial properties, off-plan long term rentals of luxury apartments, lands, villas as well as industrial and commercial options to clients from across the globe.

Joe earned from past experiences and instilled lessons for the future. From motivating his team to completing projects in a timely manner, Ghanem was able to communicate what they need, from whom, when they need it by, and how things should be done. His experience enhanced his skills in bringing the best deals and negotiated offers to the client from the property owner.

“As a luxury real estate group, our goal is to provide the right experience for our clients. In order to achieve that, we need to put all our specialized knowledge and efforts in use. A good experience for my clients will create new opportunities and leads.” - Said Ghanem

Ghanem provides the highest returns, the greatest values, and the least risk since he shows a fruitful experience in providing other services; for instance: 

Financial Services, Deep Cleaning, Building Services, Design Services and Transportation Services.

“JPM International strives to bring you a level of expertise and services worthy of the most exclusive places in which it is present. We care for our clients; attention and a commitment to excellence in every face of our business is a ritual we always preserve. Our commitment to quality will guarantee our clients’ satisfaction. This is why I have decided to create a digital platform showcasing the best deals in today’s technological world” - He said.

From having to cope with Beirut blast, the coronavirus pandemic, and being ruled over by successive governments that don’t solve any crises and won’t listen to its people, Ghanem took actions!

“Beirut is beautiful, charming, and strong. My heart hurts to see the damages done to my beautiful and charming country. So, we decided my team and I to donate part of our profits to rebuild the magical city of Beirut.”