Almaza: a trend in the making shines once again

Almaza: a trend in the making shines once again

A special edition of Almaza at Iris Beirut

Beirut, August 4, 2014: With more than 80 years of knowledge and experience in beer making, Almaza, the leading local brewery in the country continues to set new trends and amaze beer lovers.  The take-off was with a limited sleeved World Cup edition which stormed the market as people cheered for their favorite team while holding the new sleeved bottles. 

The initiative did not end then as on July 10, 2014, a new customized Almaza design was launched at Iris rooftop in the heart of Beirut and paved the way for a possible new trend for Almaza. The new Almaza for Iris bottle captures the essence of this summer rooftop hub with its avant-garde design and warm olive green color.

Supporting the launch was a social media campaign which kept all Almaza followers curious about what this leading brewery is yet to unveil.  A teaser was posted on Facebook thus creating hype around the new bottle.


On the night of the reveal, Mayssam Badri, Markting Manager of Brasserie Almaza, thanked all attendees for their continuous support to Almaza saying, “I truly believe that exceptional places deserve exceptional treatment. The new Almaza for Iris is a limited edition bottle specialized for all Iris goers and Almaza lovers. We have always promised and continue to promise to deliver to our customers the finest local beer and we hope to continue rising to your expectations.”



Iris customers had the chance of getting a close look at the new Almaza for Iris, which was placed on all tables during the night. The evening continued with the attendees listening to the tunes of a live band while enjoying the delightful ambiance. a passion for quality and an entrenched history in brewing, the Almaza legacy remains loyal to its traditions and customers by making life more enjoyable. Almaza started in 1933 and witnessed the rise and fall of the Lebanese nation yet stood resilient in the face of the civil war. Today, Almaza has a wide range of beers to satisfy all tastes and the Alamza for Iris could be the starting point for a new trend.