Almaza partners with Kunhadi to promote responsible drinking

Almaza partners with Kunhadi to promote responsible drinking

Enjoy a drink and arrive home safely Beirut, November 2014: In a country where road accidents continue to increase due to excessive drinking and drugged driving, Almaza, Lebanon’s leading local brewery, partnered with Kunhadi NGO in order to raise awareness about responsible drinking.

This collaboration with Kunhadi NGO, whose mission is to keep drivers safe on Lebanese roads, comes in line with Almaza’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy to educate and urge the youth and the general public to enjoy a drink moderately and drive responsibly.


In this respect, Almaza and Kunhadi created 20,000 scented car hangers containing tips and messages on the dangers of drinking and driving, and distributed them to more than 60 nightclubs and lounges via valet parking services across the country.

With a passion for quality and an entrenched history in brewing, the Almaza legacy remains loyal to its traditions and customers by making life more enjoyable, yet it strongly encourages responsible consumption of its products and alerts drivers of the consequences of drinking and driving.