The World Speaks BB – 5 in 1 Cream from NIVEA With SHINE-FREE Effect

The World Speaks BB – 5 in 1 Cream from NIVEA  With SHINE-FREE Effect

Try the NIVEA Pure & Even SHINE-FREE BB for instantly perfect looking skin

Beirut, August 11th 2014: Did you wake up late again? It can be so tempting to lie in bed just a little while longer after the alarm goes off in the morning. But if you don’t reach the bathroom early enough you’ll lose precious time to get yourself and your skin ready for the day. But the right care regime, like the new and first NIVEA BB Cream, can quickly and effectively turn tired skin into a radiant one. It provides all skin types with moisture, protects and smoothes complexions – and the best part is, it evenly covers any imperfect areas of the skin and is SHINE-FREE. 


Five Talents in One Tube 

The new NIVEA BB Cream 5 in 1 Beautifying Moisturizer combines the advantages of several products and has the ideal combination of caring, protecting, and beautifying skin-improving elements and is, therefore, a real multi-talent product. The unique formula offers five important properties for perfect looking skin with immediate effect: 

  • It evens the skin tone and refines the appearance of pores
  • It covers imperfections such as blemishes, signs of fatigue, dark eye rings, color spots, reddish skin color and fine lines
  • It illuminates complexion, underlining skin’s natural skin tone
  • It provides light, fast absorbing moisture with SHINE-FREE effect
  • It helps to protect the skin from sunlight induced environmental influences and premature ageing with SPF 10, vital in the hot and sunny Middle Eastern climate. 

The secret to beautiful looking skin 

The strength of the NIVEA BB Cream touches on the interaction of a variety of ingredients.

The innovative NIVEA Hydra IQ technology stimulates the production of skin’s own aquaporins and thereby enables a deep moisturizing of the skin. Aquaporins are water channels in the cell membrane that are responsible for the exchange and transport of water molecules in the skin cells. Provitamin B5 improves the skin’s ability to absorb moisture by binding water in the outer skin layers. Furthermore, Provitamin B5 stimulates the regeneration of the skin. The formula with Shea Butter nourishes the skin with a complex of diverse fats and vitamins and therefore provides it with comprehensive care. 

The combination of micro-minerals and color pigments adds a touch of make-up. A finely calibrated mixture of color and colorless minerals helps more evenly distribute the cream on the skin so that small irregularities, red areas and flaws are covered. The added minerals also allow the skin to breathe freely. They adapt to the skin precisely resulting in an even complexion. Signs of tiredness and fine facial wrinkles are immediately covered. 

The new NIVEA BB Cream is available in Light and Medium - allowing every woman to find the right complexion for her skin.

The History of BB Cream

“The abbreviation “BB” stands for Blemish Balm. In 1967, the original BB cream formula was developed by a German cosmetician. In the beginning, the cream was mainly seen as a rich and regenerating skin care cream for use after cosmetic treatments. Korean nurses took the BB cream with them to Korea where they discovered its positive effects on flawed skin. The composition of BB cream was then further developed there. With improved efficacy it became a sensation for its ability to create even complexions and eventually the trend traveled back around the world, and back to Germany – the birthplace of the product. NIVEA, known for its innovations in skin care, took the concept of the BB Cream and enriched the formula with a SHINE-FREE effect. 

What exactly is Hyrda IQ?

The skin is more than just a wrapper, it’s the largest organ of the human body. The optimal water supply for skin cells is the prerequisite for a healthy complexion. Water activates the more than 300 million skin cells in the body and stimulates regeneration and the effective provisioning of moisture. The innovative Hydra IQ technology is based on the ingredient glyceryl glucose. This worldwide leading NIVEA technology activates the skin’s moisture channels called aquaporins, which manage the exchange of moisture between cells. Hydra IQ has a stimulating effect on moisture exchange down to the deepest layers of skin and also stimulates the creation of new aquaporins. 

The NIVEA BB Cream 5 in 1 Beautifying Moisturizer is available in all leading supermarkets:

-       NIVEA BB Cream 5 in 1 Beautifying Moisturizing Light – AED 28,5

-       NIVEA BB Cream 5 in 1 Beautifying Moisturizing Medium AED 28,5 

About Beiersdorf AG

Cosmetics company Beiersdorf AG is based in Hamburg, Germany, and has around 16,500 employees worldwide. Its sales in 2012 amounted to €6 billion and it has been listed on the DAX since December 2008. Beiersdorf’s NIVEA is the world’s No.1 skin care brand*. Other names in its successful international brand portfolio include Eucerin, La Prairie, Labello, 8x4, and Hansaplast/Elastoplast. Subsidiary tesa SE is one of the world’s leading producers of self-adhesive products and system solutions for industry, craft businesses, and consumers. Beiersdorf has more than 130 years of skin care experience and is known for its innovative and high-quality products. 

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