“Urjouha” Website Launched


The Arab Resource Collective (ARC) and the Arab Network for Early Childhood (ANECD), are launching “Urjouha” - a parenting website on Tuesday June 1st 2021, the Global Day of Parents. Urjouha accompanies caregivers on their parenting/caregiving journey, from pregnancy until the age of 8 years.

Urjouha is an online support, mentoring, sharing, and communication platform for Arabic speaking mothers, fathers, and caregivers in the world. The website contains articles, interviews with experts, animated videos, and 32 online digital self-training sessions for caregivers. It covers topics of health, parenting, protection, early learning, and mental health for children and their caregivers. A team of Arab specialists is participating with ARC/ANECD in the production of modern, studied, and varied written - audio - visual materials, in alignment with the specificity of the Arab context and culture.

Urjouha has its own platform where surfers can join community/groups of parents, share their experiences, and find peer to peer support.

“What applies to children is not the same everywhere, each parent/caregiver deserves support that takes into account their context, culture and living conditions,” said Dr. Ghassan Issa, General Coordinator of ARC, “Parents need support, guidance and sharing of experiences. They continuously succeed and make mistakes, and learn from them,” he added. Ahmad, a participant in Urjouha’s digitized course, expressed his admiration for the sessions he participated in: “I’ve always tried to stop being violent with my children, but I didn’t know how. Urjouha Digitized Course helped me find my way.”

Through this website, ARC/ANECD aims to continuously provide caregivers with new information and
 simple, contemporary answers to various parenting questions, in a constructive and stimulating manner for the whole family. It also aims to enhance the knowledge and abilities of its surfers through methods that emphasize justice between the mother and father in their partnership towards positive parenting.

Ultimately, Urjouha wants to help families become happier and provide better childhood for the young kids as well as enjoyable happy journeys for their caregivers.

Parenting is not a magic formula and this is why Urjouha is working to reach the largest number of Arabic speaking caregivers and provide them with the support they need in their new adventures as parents.

For more information, visit www.urjouha.net