Under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic General Michel Aoun LHE Inaugurates its First National Conference

Under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic General Michel Aoun LHE Inaugurates its First National Conference

Under the patronage of Lebanese President General Michel Aoun, the Lebanese Health Energy Association (LHE), launched its first national conference entitled“The Challenges of the Lebanese Health System, a Path to Enhance Opportunities”. The conference was held on November 3rd and 4th in the Conference Hall at the Lebanese University in Hadath in the presence of HE MP Gebran Bassil representing HE President Michel Aoun, as well as keynote speakers and stakeholders from the health sector.

Dr. Asma Saliba, President of the LHE, stressed that "We cannot accept this bitter reality we are living today anymore. We are working for our future, for every Lebanese child, so we can be healthy and enjoy well-being. "We are working for you and for every unborn child, today is the beginning, and with our collective efforts we will affect change," she added.

The opening ceremony of the two-day conference impressed all the attendees with the Success Stories of people with special needs who accompanied Michel Fadel on the piano and his band, followed by the incredible dance show of the talented Russian group Edelweiss. They all received a trophy, honoring their amazing and unique talent. Then keynote speakers Dr Asma Saliba, Dr Iman Shankiti, representative of the World Health Organization represented by Dr elisar Radi, MP Dr Assem Araji and HE MP Gebran Bassil explained the value of LHE and its main goals.

In his speech, HE MP Gebran Bassil pointed out that "the recommendations of the conference and the proposals of the new laws are not an achievement, but the beginning of a serious workshop, which we started today that will end with projects and health investments that make Lebanon the Middle East’s top destination in the health sector.

The conference included numerous sessions that tackled different subjects, such as the value of health prevention and the challenges faced by the sector and the present opportunities that can improve its level. Other topics included the national health coverage and aging plan. The conference also addressed the role of the health sector in affecting positive impact on the Lebanese economy and ways to digitalize the sector.

To wrap up this event successfully, the last session focused on the recommendations of the Lebanese Order of Physicians, the Syndicate of Opticians and Optometrists, the Syndicate of Pharmacists of Lebanon, the Syndicate of the Pharmaceutical Industries in Lebanon, the Dentists Sector, the Hospital Sector, the Order of Physical Therapy in Lebanon, the Order of Nurses, the sector of the Medical Tourism, the Syndicate of Dietitians, and the Lebanese Order of Midwives, thus giving LHE more responsibilities and challenges. Finally, LHE made a resolution to the public to advance suggestions and understandings which can lead to solutions that meet the needs of citizens as well as healthcare providers.

The LHE is a Lebanese association founded in 2018 to foster cooperation between parties, in a bid to improve the health standards in the country. Its main objective revolves around “achieving the highest standards of health for all Lebanese”. Its vision is based on developing the healthcare sector and contributing to improving the sector services, as well as enhancing welfare for all community members without discrimination.