SimSimplicity for a happier lifestyle with LGplicity for a happier lifestyle with LG

SimSimplicity for a happier lifestyle with LGplicity for a happier lifestyle with LG

It is believed that the secret of happiness is not found in the constant urge to seek more, but in the capacity to enjoy the less. We live in a world where quantity is often valued more than quality. During our day-to-day lives, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements that heavily influence our purchasing behaviors, leading us to carry strong beliefs that the key to our happiness is to have more. However, the power of simplicity is something that cannot be overlooked anymore. Indeed, LG takes its stance regarding the saying that “Less is More” and that quality overtrumps quantity. So, what do you think of when you hear the statement “Less is More”? Is it something you can live by?

Nowadays, there is a growing societal shift towards minimalism. Studies shows that having fewer things makes you happier because it helps you focus on what is truly important, further finding happiness, fulfillment and freedom. Instead of seeing this as a threat, LG is embracing this trend seizing the opportunity to offer consumers with a wide range of smart solutions that focus on doing more with less and maximizing the at-home experience.

First, let’s take a look at LG Objet where every piece of furniture in the lineup was built to look aesthetically pleasing, to take up less space, and to add more convenience to everyday life. This ranges from TV Screens that can slide over to reveal hidden storage space behind the display to impressive soundbars that eliminate the need for extra speakers. LG made sure to exceed expectations by meeting the consumers’ needs from every aspect.

Other examples portraying the “Less is More” concept that LG strives for, include the handy LG Styler that is ideal for fashionistas looking for that walk-in wardrobe feel without having to sacrifice a whole room, the LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R, designed around the philosophy that a TV shouldn’t have to take up much space when not visible, as well as the LG’s Signature Kitchen Suite, including luxurious built-in appliances that blend innovation, precision, and purposeful design in one package further inspiring more creativity and efficiency in the kitchen.

With its innovative and efficient designs, LG gives you extra space, extra freedom and thus a happier lifestyle. So, it comes without a doubt that with LG, less is the new more!