Sharjah Collection sets standards for glamping and luxurious stays in the region

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Sharjah Collection by Mysk, a group of distinctive boutique eco-retreats under the Mysk by Shaza umbrella, and purposefully located in key locations throughout the emirate of Sharjah, continue to be a coveted destination for visitors of the emirate.

The three prime properties in Sharjah, UAE, continue to be a popular destination for heritage lovers, nature explorers, and adventure seekers who like to get away from the huff and puff of the city and relax in the charming deserts of Sharjah. 

The three retreats have been witnessing strong occupancy in the Northern Emirates since the pandemic, despite travel restrictions and lockdowns. This highlights that hotel-goers seeking escapes and adventures chose the unique Sharjah Collection by Mysk retreats as their preferred getaway. 

The Sharjah Collection remain a safe haven for travelers who seek glamping in the pristine desert of Sharjah, unveiling the soul of Sharjah and revealing the essence of this emirate through the balance of luxurious accommodation, heritage, Arabian culture and hospitality, adventure and intimate encounters with the natural landscape.

sharjah hotels

“Each of our retreats, seen as a prime destination in its area, will take you on an exquisite journey on the eastern winds and sands of time. The experience is intended to transport the mind, rejuvenate the body, and enrich the soul,” said Shafik Alaaeddine, General Manager of Sharjah Collection by Mysk.

Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, Mysk Al Badayer Retreat, and Mysk Al Faya Retreat are hallmarks of Sharjah’s identity each with its own distinctive allure.

For heritage sightseeing seekers, Mysk Al Faya Retreat is set away from the city noise and deep into the heart of the desert. It offers guests the opportunity to explore the true beauty of the Mlieha region which was nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

While those who love to delve in the arms of nature, Mysk Kingfisher Retreat offers its guests a gateway to a unique world of conservation, the only one of its kind in the UAE. This natural retreat is the perfect place to slow down, breathe and just be. Mysk Kingfisher is set on the east coast of Sharjah. The beauty of the pristine beach and Indian Ocean waters are matched perfectly by refined interiors of soft beiges, blues and desert browns that dress the resort. 

As for adventurous souls, Mysk Al Badayer Retreat presents a picturesque desert stop set against the sweeping dunes of central Sharjah. It is a great vacation getaway where you will carry back authentic cultural riches and enjoy the luxurious amenities and facilities to rejuvenate and prepare for a spectacular desert adventure.